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Changing the Windows desktop icon is how you do it.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stardock.net, Inc.

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IconPackager is one of the best programs for changing cursors and icons of the Windows operating system with a single click of the mouse. It can change individual icons or replace them with entirely new icons; it can also replace all the os icons. There is no guarantee that all programs of this type will replace an icon. IconPackager allows you to do this with a minimum number of actions.

Since the program is already distributed, there are a lot of options available.Set icons can then be downloaded from the program along with new icons. Choosing the icons you want to use as icon packages by default is how IconPackager handles icons. In order to download another program, the program will change more than 100 of its icons. Your system has numerous types of icons. All you need to do is select any icon and select one for opening the file and another for specifying another.ico extension. There are a number of tools available for editing icons in IconDeveloper. It is written using IconPackager itself.IP icon format. This method greatly improves the performance of thumbnails and icons overall.

It does not offer other services.standard settings. Many people aren't familiar with what sizes icons are offered by most of the software types: 32 bit 64 bit x 32 bit. 16bit x 16bit. That is not true for almost every person. With IconPackager, the size of icons in your operating system can be changed up to the size you choose.

- I think the interface has been optimized.

- downloading entire packages;

- using existing kits;

- A new function in how icons are changing takes effect;

- There have been errors corrected in the settings.

Having my own icons and modifications to Windows icons and icons made easier is my favorite thing about IconPackager for Windows in my opinion. This icon set can be bundled once it has been replaced. These icons numbering in the thousands make them very convenient for customizing. Just browse through them in the few.
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