by Hayssam Keilany

It adds a graphical layer to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hayssam Keilany

Release: iCEnhancer 3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iCEnhancer is a tool that is specifically designed to enhance graphics for the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV. Graphics have clearly improved, because of this software, since the stream is crisp and clear. This makes iCEnhancer a very popular tool among avid Grand Theft Auto players. It is possible to install different versions of the software at once. It only supports multiplayer on PC, but it is great fast as well. One of the areas that have room for improvement will be the installation process of this software. People without experience in this area may find it overwhelming in their first attempt. A development team member has been working towards improving this area.

This software was developed by Hayssam Keilany, a passionate "modder" and video game enthusiast. The modding community in question is related to ENB, i.Often using post-processing effects on your mods for the purpose of improving their appearance (or even dramatically changing them). In July 2014, Hayssam Keilany published a Facebook post in which he announced his retirement on these controversies, while still maintaining and improving software on those sites.


Graphics are effectively enhanced for Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Visible improvement in graphics as reported by many of the users (although there has been some controversy regarding the extent of improvements as reported by the software developers)
  • Makes the game look even more realistic (strong "modding" as it is known by the gamer community)
  • Works with most versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems (There is no support for Mac or Linux it seems)
  • Multiplayer compatible with the heavy version of the software, although this feature is omitted from the light version of the software for speed purposes

In conclusion, if you want to make your Grand Theft Auto game to look even more realistic and exciting, give this cool software a try!

Computers must be running Windows.

iCEnhancer 2.1 (3.7 MB)
iCEnhancer 3.0 (5.16 MB)
You should download this mod if you find the graphics running in the background are outdated, as it will make GTA feel fresh again and help you to find the right graphics to enhance your online game. I highly recommend that you try this mod.
The perfect game buff software for you if you play games on a daily basis. Using this software, the graphics and videos of Grand Theft Auto IV were dramatically improved. The picture is crisp and clean for more reason. There is even more detail in the game, according to analysts. Microsoft Surface doesn't work on Mac.
Luca Rothman
The new version of Windows software makes the resolution of the screen higher and faster.
As far as I know, the enhancer I have been waiting for has just arrived with the software developed by this game. A die-hard, a die-hard, a die-hard, etc.This is an arcade game that I use almost daily as I play Grand Theft Auto. I find it incredibly impressive how this tool has enhanced the graphics so much. Everything becomes crisper and clearer with it. Multiple players cannot compete with one another in the light version. Although it is extremely fast, I don't consider it to be fast. Installation can be a bit overwhelming, but as soon as I figured it out, it was well worth the time.
This software is useful for graphics enhancement on computers. Among games in which it can be used, Grand Theft Auto is the best. It is fairly easy to install for an average user to get started. Gamer, casual or hard-core, will find it to be a perfect product for their needs. The investment in the software is well worth it over the long run, with the possibility for it to work on multiple software programs.
A free modification software product for gamers, Grand Theft Auto Mod for Windows. A few bugs do exist in the system, but they appear to work well for graphic optimization. Having to download another mod for this mod enhancer just to have it work properly is a hassle, so be aware that. Nevertheless, avid GTA gamers still have access to the mod which can modify any aspect of the game. It seems very nice that people have put significant effort and resources into creating GTA modifying tools. It seems somewhat strange to me that Rockstar Games, the company behind all of these GTA games, can still be accused of breaches of end-user agreements by not being notified when such deals are entered into for their games if they fail to take any appropriate steps. Building modification programs are indeed a cherished endeavor of theirs and are even fond of some of the mods that people have performed. Those who follow GTA will love the iCEnhancer mod even with all the quirks.
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