ICE Book Reader Professional

by ICE Graphics

A fully-featured and versatile eBook reader utility

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ICE Graphics

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ICE Book Reader Professional is a very popular and feature-rich e-book reader. ebooks are available : : es in which ebooks are currently available: RTF, HTML, DOC, PDB, PRC, LIT, FB2 and many other types are available. Using your operating system, any encoding supported by it is supported. Additionally, it's possible to download files directly from ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH and HA archives using the program without the use of the archivers required. You can also use the program as a teleprompter to illustrate your points. A series of conversions from one format to another can take place using it. Microsoft Reader / HELP modules are not being used in it.LIT and .CHM formats.

The main thing of the program is to keep its own source of books, i.e., its own list of titles.e. a library. In order to open a document, every document in this library is automatically loaded. A vast amount of information about authors, titles, genres, and so forth can be found easily. Using Internet access, a program searches for missing data if this information is not available elsewhere.

To sum up, omni-activity, library accessibility, and library collections are not all that different. With the aid of the program, you'll be able to read more comfortably using various settings. Depending on the book, text smoothing can be done as well as scrolling. A key highlight is the automatic scrolling, which changes what speed and density of text you scroll in. Also, ICE Book Reader Professional has support for bookmarks and the function of automatic memory of the last position on which the book was closed. Condensed text can also be quickly reformatted to make it appear better. Some other undoubted benefits of the program include these: citizens of the former USSR can access it free of charge. This makes it possible to read books with voice on the fly.

- Organize your own library of books. Find information within your library.

- With minimal risk of losing information, the library is very resistant to software failure;

- Book compression reduces database's size by eliminating pages.

- Book encryption, high level of security;

- Styles with a specific color setting will be highlighted automatically); ;

- It consists of numerous types of scrolling in many advanced environments;

- Using this tool, you can lock screensavers and mask mouse cursors;

- Is there support for setting profiles?

- Support for several types of speech engines;

- You can use one to give out a teleprompter.

Ebooks will be popular among ebook lovers of all levels. This software will attract users with a variety of features, including library searches, databases, and rolling thumbnails. There is also a free feature for this app. While I understand the desire to give the gift to former USSR citizens, I don't quite understand why people cannot get it.
I love this application!! Book lovers have so many choices. My phone supports search and organization, and the data is compressed to fit within my device. Easily use and beautifully presented. In addition to adjusting scrolling speed, it also does so in a manner that is more user-friendly.
We rate this as one of the best online games out there.If you are a book reader, feel free to go to our site. Due to how many features it comes with, I can not tell you how much it costs. Using this software would be the best choice if you enjoyed reading all the time like I do. Besides the software's compatibility with quite a few formats, it's also easy to download and installs in as little as six minutes, so there is no need to remember to update a BIOS.Book readers.
You will find everything you need for each book in this ebook reader. It can support virtually all ebook formats as well as be configured to support other formats, as well as support any encoding that your system offers. There is a database built inside of its own that is updated by searching for information on the Internet.
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