by Tenorshare

Clean up your iPhone using this program. Get rid of cookies and Ads!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tenorshare

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iCareFone is a beautiful download to help you clean up your iPhone and optimize its function. Instead of buying new, use what you have.


  • File Manager to make your files easier to find and use,
  • Back up and Restore Solution in case of an error with your phone, you won't lose your information.
  • Here are three optimization tools you can use to maximize your smartphones' functionality.
  • Blocks Ads! You should stop seeing those annoying ads on your phone.

It has been downloaded on your iPhone and can be used for free. An improved phone's functionality will be greatly enhanced when you use an improved phone. By using iCareFone, you will be blocking ads, be able to manage all your files just like on the computer, Eliminate cookies that eat up memory on your phone, and tune your iPhone up.

Get more optimization of your iPhone!!

We will give you more functionality with iCareFone on your iPhone. It will allow you to send data to your local computer and track all the files that you've saved on your phone. If you want to watch movies or listen to music on your phone, you will free up much of the screen space. You can find all the saved music from your iPhone and still save it from one file using this application.

It also gives you a little more security in terms of keeping your phone secure with iCareFone. As long as you block advertisements and back up your data, making your iPhone the perfect messenger for your iOS device, there's no going wrong with it.

you'll be able to optimizing everything you do with your iPhone using iCareFone. With this app, you can fix iOS issues, browse the web faster, and make the running of your iPhone smoother. The phone doesn't require an upgrade.

Anyone with an iPhone should pick up iCareFone. If you would like your iPhone to function properly, iCareFone lets you get rid of all the cookies and ads on it, in addition to improving your phone's functionality.
Cameron Rhinehart
When a file is transferred this way, the process is much easier than it would otherwise be. It will easily allow you to export files between IOS and Windows with this software, without any limitations. It is easy to back your iPhone up and restore it on Windows regardless of your device's hardware.
As of about a month ago, I bought iCareFone, so I began backing all of my files on my computer and now I feel more secure with all of my data than with any other tool I've ever used for recovery or backup. I have never worried about my personal data leaking since I bought a very handy tool, iCareFone, for use every day. 8/10, totally recommend
ICareFone for Windows allows you to access music, photos, movies, contacts, images, apps, and more from your Windows computer to your iPhone using your Windows computer. It is easy to back up your iPhone files in case. Likewise, the software allows you to manage photos, videos and other media between the iPhone and your computer. Furthermore, you can transfer data limitlessly for WhatsApp Chat and SMS. Make device coordination easier by using this software.
You can now transfer music and photos easily. Using batch uninstall as opposed to other programs will be more comforting due to the guarantee not to lose or overwrite data. Overall, I'm pleased with what I'm seeing and will use the service again.
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