by Hydrogen Dev Team

An open source drum machine program for the PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hydrogen Dev Team

Release: Hydrogen 0.97 RC 1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I am a drummer for a band that tours quite a bit, and I am so glad I checked out Hydrogen. As I was traveling to our next meeting, I downloaded this program one day and was amazed at its versatility. In a drummer's arsenal, this is everything he needs. Kicking or snare, cowbells, and a few other sounds can be played. Since I can play with all of my laptop's real drum tracks, it's very cool. The only place I can hear a beat that I've been running in my head is if I'm sitting on my couch. A lot more easier and less complicated it now takes writing our records. Another feature I love is being able to import and export tracks into Hydrogen. Through our tracks, I've been able to really get a sense of how everything would sound if done that way. It is great for my band to use this application. Thanks to their input, we know our songs can sound even better since I can actually sit in on the drumbeat beat.

This user interface is really easy to navigate on; GarageBand-style applications do this to a tee. Using hydrogen allows you to create a wide variety of chemical solutions. If you want to run it as stock, you can either tool around with small settings or use it all up. There will be a great sound to it both ways. I had blown a large part of the rim of my drum on the song we ended on our latest tour. Our entire tour actually used Hydrogen to fill the drums on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. There was no problem whatsoever with it. When I tested my laptop on our speakers, it ran fine. It was tambourine and shakers that were the only instruments I used while on the tour. What an amazing result the whole thing turned out to be. Because of it, we avoided purchasing a completely new drum kit for the tour. With limited budgets, hydrogen helped us at the most.

It's definitely worth checking out this program if you have a drummer or a fan of intelligent drum tracks. A lot of our demos and writing are written and composed with this. A lot of the sounds throughout our album have changed due to this change in style.

Helps create drum tracks for music

  • Pattern-Based Sequencer
  • Timeline with Tempo tool
  • Import/export feature
  • Advanced tempo tab
  • Multi-layer editor

To use a certain version of Windows, you need to have a compatible version.

windows uses hydrogen without causing harm and offers the capability of developing the services associated with climate change, as well as controlling pollution.You can use this on handily and efficiently.
There are pros and cons to every pattern; but one of them is simple- and intuitive to use.based drum programming. During the course of this video I learn how easy it is to create loops and tacks for music. There aren't many steps to learn. Also, this service is completely free. There is another option that would be awesome, if we could Export each individual drum to a wav file for quicker control and less work for MIDI.
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