by Pablo d'Angelo

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more! Open Source software, free to use, modify and share

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pablo d'Angelo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hugin is a program for creating panoramic images from photos. In fact, it is a free, open analogue of the PTGui utility, which is also based on the Panorama Tools engine.

You can create panoramas both automatically and manually. : A three-mode system: An interline between lines to be transported The beginners should look at this one: It's simple, advanced, and Expert. It's very simple and there are minimal settings to change. You will learn all about creating a panoramic image from the wizard's step-by-step instructions. You'll choose the final format for the panoramic image after each step has been taken. In Advanced mode, you configure automatically or manually. In this setup, you can only operate the program by itself, although you can operate the control points manually by pressing the Controls button. With Expert Advisor mode, all settings are available for the user to view, and a manual setting can be set of all values without any hint at all.

Hugin can determine which lens the original images were taken from, based on EXIF data, and make geometric corrections based on this. It automatically lightens unevenly photographed photos if they are caught by handheld cameras. Furthermore, a vignetting correction and exposure smoothing are performed to ensure a uniform distribution of the color in the resulting print. There are also 22 projections (cylindrical, equidistant, three-dimensional).You can use masks and a variety of other tools within the advanced mode, as well as the ability to customize the position and size of a panorama (depending on how your projection projects it).

- Different projections are used to create panoramic images for each scenario;

- Multiplying the number of objects in existence may also be possible.row gigapixel panoramas;

- Operational modes: three: : Simple, advanced, and expert in their fields;

- a step-by-An overview of a simple panorama? ; ;

- Control points can be set automatically with manual adjustments; ; ;

- Perspective, color, exposure, and gradient correction;

- In addition to moving objects, ghost detection and removal;

- The process can be operated quickly; e speed of operation;

- Using masks for this role;

- EXIF data must be automatically used by a camera; no change in settings must be requested for the photo's adjustment.

- Using batch processing may have advantages;

- Russified interface;

- Under this license you are allowed to use the program free of charge.

I thoroughly enjoy using this amazing app. I enjoy using it as much as I am falling in love with it. Having this app on your Windows computer is like having a second computer that you don't have to manage. It has a clean interface and is easy to use. After just five minutes from downloading, I was able to download my 2-in-1.image panorama done. I don't merge complicated things beautifully, as image blending should be. Thanks to the developers for such an excellent application - it seems they can use this app for many things, much.
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