HTTrack Website Copier

by Xavier Roche

Website copier to save a website for offline use

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Xavier Roche

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By downloading all a website's files to your hard drive, you can use this tool to build an imitation for your computer using an operating system known as XP. It is free, under a GPL license, has versions for several major versions, and is available under the Linux and Windows distribution

By just selecting "New Project", entering your address and location to save, HTTrack allows users to edit details of the download quickly and effectively. For example, customize your settings in the settings area to customize what you can customize the download. If you are using multiple pages on a large website, you will be able to specify the depth based on how many inward jumps can go to the home page within a single address and the loading level of pages that show external links. For naming issues, there is also the option to decide on the types of files to be loaded and their structure. As well as setting the name saving format, you can determine the default position (right-click). It supports the mode of automatic checking and updating of the local copy, in this case you will get a kind of standalone mirror of the site.

Download speed is high enough, as it is carried out simultaneously in several streams (with the ability to adjust their number, commensurate with the capacity of your computer and the bandwidth of the Internet connection). At the end of download, you will have the option to describe what the program is expected to do. Your computer will be unavailable if you disconnect it, restart the project or shut it down.

- Linux, Sun Solaris, and other Unix based OSes come pre-installed; tion are available for Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and other Unix systems;

- A multilingual Windows and Linux user interface in 27 languages; w.n.

- Download the source code if you like the program.

- Updating of previously downloaded websites in the event that they undergo an interruption; restarting of downloads when necessary.

- Using parameters such as type, location of references, depth structure of the files, the size can be filtering.

- Arranging for downloading a slow site on the lowest waiting time and minimum download speed;

- Multiple simultaneous connections can be made;

- HTTP compression (gzip);

- With proxy support, download speeds can be as high as 100mb;

- Testing of javascript code and HTML parsing techniques; ;

- You will also find an integrated DNS cache...

HTTrack is a tool that people who are interested in web development or intranet building would like to use. Create projects in no time, since the process is simple and user-friendly.
Using HTTrack Website Copier for Windows lets me download sites to my device and preserve the files in my local file system. In my case, I can use this feature to access websites offline rather than connected to the Internet at any given time. It is a relief to be able to view the entirety of a site and do not have to download it all.
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