HTTPS Everywhere

by EFF

A multi-browser extension that encrypts your communication with websites

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EFF

Release: HTTPS Everywhere 2019.6.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HTTPS Everywhere is a web browser extension, designed to make your experiences on the web more secure, by masking your digital footprint. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera all work with this extension. The extension is also included in Tor and Brave. And for mobile concerns, you can also download HTTPS Everywhere for Android (Firefox), Android (iOS), Android (Tor), and iOS (Onion Browser). Between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, HTTPs Everywhere has been developed.

One benefit of the extension that will give users maximum impact is its ability to communicate directly with users.friendly it is. The default web browser provides encrypted HTTP. Link back to encrypted pages for HTTPS conversion. 'Clever Technology' is used to rewrite HTTP requests that are sent to HTTPS sites in HTTPS Everywhere.

HTTPS Everywhere is governed by the Privacy Policy for Software published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Users have been reported to have tried installing HTTPS Everywhere but getting a message "The add-on was not available due to a connection error on www." error message can also be workarounded by EFF through its FAQ list, which is well-explained.

The amount of security you're forced to use with your web browsing experience is boosted.

With this extension, the only major disadvantage is that some domains are currently inaccessible with HTTPS and inaccessible when third parties use it. in that matter, you should know that latest versions of Mozilla Firefox no longer display the message "broken padlock". The address bar on an unsecured website contains a blue or green tint. Therefore, you should look for that by clicking the left arrow on a website. Your deployment is secure by clicking this. Also, if you frequently visit some sites which do not use HTTPS, you can contact the site operator and ask to have it added. The site operators cannot make this request all that easy, but that doesn't prevent them from making it.

you want to make your internet browsing more secure, HTTPS Everywhere for Windows is an excellent option. There are a number of browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, that can be used with this handy little extension. Explicit encryption for your online communications and browsing is possible with this tool.
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