HTML Help Workshop

by Microsoft

Shows how to plan, create, and compile Help projects

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

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In addition to viewing help files and other components of help files, Microsoft HTML Help can also help create ng for viewing help files and related help components, as well as for authoring help files from Microsoft Corporation.

HTML Help Workshop uses the main components of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to display the contents of the help. Markup languages (HTML, ActiveX, Java, scripting languages (JScript, and Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition), as well as HTML images ia, ActiveX, Java, scripting languages (JScript, and Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition), HTML image formats (.jpeg, .gif, and .png files).

The following components make up HTML Help:

HTML Help Workshop is an author's help file development tool with an easy-to-By using this tool, you can create new projects, partitions of hypertext files and content files, title files, as well as other items needed by your helpful system later.

Help ActiveX control for yourHTML Browser allows you to attach help navigation, while adding pop-ups to your browser's page.up functions.

There is an HTML Help Viewer that comes with it.There are three customizing options for nessand customized three-A tool panel gives you access to Help files via an application.

Using HTML Help Image Editor, you can create screenshots, convert or edit image files, and view them online.

AnHTML applet by Java Applets. It runs on small Java programs.based program that can be used instead of ActiveX control to insert help navigation into a hypertext file.

An HTML Help executable program is a program that shows and runs help when you open a compiled help file.

HTML Help compiler is a program that builds a project, content, project sections and other files into a single help system.

An author can use HTML Help to develop a reference system by following the HTML Help Authoring Guide. A comprehensive list of reference materials about HTML Help and hypertext tags for publishers are also included in the guide.

Although it is designed with HTML5, I believe it can be beneficial for people in the coding field. It might be helpful in handling files. The author is of the opinion that this program is appropriate for people with simple or basic computers knowledge.
I don't really know what I am looking for in this document due to its very small details. does an okay job of showing sizes and things, but it doesn't cover the product well. Without Windows already being a viable option, if this was my case I would have been utterly lost.
By using Microsoft's proprietary Compiled HTML Help content format, you have access to a range of tools for navigation, indexing and the collection of HTML pages.
An HTML Help kit, the HTML Help Workshop is an important component of HTML Help. When using this tool, users can organize Help project files based on the type of content. They can create or edit content files as well as add and insert images in their files. With an inbuilt text editor, users can also create their own HTML tags. Microsoft makes the software for free so that you can use it under a shareware license.
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