HR Security

by Oleansoft

A software to be used by HR department to monitor employee activities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oleansoft

Release: HR Security 1.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is a HR software in which an image of an individual's screen can be taken and some preset intervals can be set by the user to free up keyboard or hotkey options. Due to the fact that it is not fully integrated with your PC, it weighs much less than other lightweight software. In order to prevent slackers from using company assets during the work day, the HR department relies on software such as this.related use. Examples of non-work -In addition to using Facebook, playing games, and watching movies, other related uses might be found.

is one of the most popular free web apps-You're able to configure all this setting manually in addition to the friendly one. In addition to creating the folder where you want to save screenshots, configuring the application to start while windows is running, and allocating a time and setting the screenshots accordingly, you can even save screenshots as a window dialog box will appear with a menu item in it to be able to display. Select images of high quality, pixels, and sizes so that you do not need to store huge amounts of redundant data.

It can help companies keep track of users' activity all day long so that the internet won't be used to misuse and abuse the facilities so they will not abuse them.related activity. Due to its software's hidden capabilities, the entire user activity should be screenshotted and uploaded to a predetermined server with the user name and used by the team as evidence against misuse of technology. When someone falls idle on Facebook, plays games, or otherwise gets stuck in a specific excel file while they're using their phone, it can be used to deduce their whereabouts.

Additionally, many other utility companies can consider using it as part of monitoring which activities are observed behind their own families since this can help reduce the likelihood of kids having troubles like watching questionable websites one day.

In this software, the files are saved in the JPG format by default, but there are many other options available, if users so choose. Despite that, this is merely a preference tool; other programs in Windows can be used to automatically save many documents in other formats. An additional protection option for users who end the function without permission from the administrator may be password-protected to prevent this from happening.

product is that it runs silently in the background so that screenshots will be taken of employee activity so the employee does not sit in front of the computer watching computer.

  • No data is detected as it runs in the background.
  • Screenshots of the screen and webcam images are taken automatically with the software and saved on the monitor.
  • Home features can also be enabled by the OS.
  • Windows starts the computer without the computer taking a break.
  • viewers, so it has images and videos its viewers allows you to view.
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