HP SimplePass

by http://www.hp.com/

With SimplePass, if your HP laptop is compatible, a user's fingerprints can be used.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: http://www.hp.com/

Release: HP SimplePass 8.01.46

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The HP SimplePass is a password manager that has been made to work with compatible HP laptops that has fingerprint scanning capability. Firstly, it is free, safe, and easy to use. By using a user interface designed to make it be consumer-friendly, you'll be able to save your login info and passwords so that the application will then take over to accept your fingerprints automatically as long as it's able to detect your fingerprints by sliding them on the fingerprint scanner. You submit a scanned photo of your finger to the fingerprint reader, which matches the credential you choose to whatever application you prefer. You can access your favorite websites using your fingerprint rather than signing in with your registered user name and password since the app scans your fingerprint instead of typing information. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer are some of the popular browsers support. Not only can you use The HP SimplePass to login into websites, but it can also make logging into Windows the same way you log into websites. A user can also view all logged into their account by choosing either the SimplePass application or the My LaunchSite section. It doesn't matter if you remember or forget passwords, HP SimplePass will remember them for you. The program works with 38/64bit Microsoft operating systems, is completely free, and runs as long as you need.


  • Allows you to access websites or logins by using your fingerprint
  • Made specifically for Hp laptops
  • It is a licensed freeware for Windows 32 and 64bit operating systems without any restrictions.
  • You can download it for free.

If your HP laptop has a built in fingerprint reader, then you should consider purchasing a new model. You can log on to websites more securely with the HP SimplePass not only because you won't have to worry about security, but because you can do it simpler.

This is a specially-designed keyboard for HP laptops.
As the name suggests, HP SimplePass is one of those small programs that allow good HP workstations to operate. In particular, this free app is simple to use, secure, and easy to use. It will be possible to begin sharing and saving your login and passwords with its rewritten UI by using your specific unique number at that time, so by simply swiping it with the finger impression scanner that is utilized, it will be able to start granting you access to your account later. Every custom finger impression features both a filter and checking feature for precise pairing with the application by selecting the one that corresponds best with the specific application you used. Your unique mark is checked to ensure that you do not create a key or user name in combination with it but instead browse to your preferred sites instead, so that no usernames or secret words can be found out. Upheld programs include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Although not exclusively, the HP SimplePass offers you access to online registration services. Moreover, the HP SimplePass can take over many of the signing out windows logins like Windows ActiveSync. To see the majority of your saved login and secret word, go to the My LaunchSite tab, then set off to SimplePass. You will never need HP SimplePass again in order to prevent passwords from being forgotten or recalled. Microsoft work frameworks, 38 and 64bit, are supported. Highlights: Make your unique mark available so you can sign in to all sites and logins. It's licensed and available on Windows 32 and 64-bit machines. Downloads can be made. If your laptop has a working finger impression scanner built right in, you might want to check. The HP SimplePass makes your login into a website easier and more secure in comparison to most alternatives.
To use fingerprint software, you have to download this software. By using this tool, one will be able to use this software more effectively, and at peak performance.
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A pop-up window appears on your computer. A security app stores weblogin information for your favorite websites and provides the option of utilizing only one authentication method for password protected accounts on your website. In order to provide identity verification, choose between a thumbprint, password, or pin. To use HP SimplePass, you must have a computer with a Windows User Account that is password protected.
A Windows-based HP SimplePass solution enables Finger and Pin authentication, making it a helpful tool for protecting PCs and devices from cyberattacks. The setup and usage of the tool are easy. There's no need to worry about deleting your account; however, it is very important that you remember your password and your user name when changing your password.As soon as the security is enabled, it becomes crucial to verify that it's working properly. As far as the setup is concerned, it seems to work very well.
Software that can provide security is generally good. Sites can be stored with log-on information and passwords can be simplified. From what I've seen, there are many great features. It's sort of like a safe shortcut when you use all your favorite sites on the dashboard, allowing you to log in at any time.
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