Hot Virtual Keyboard

by Comfort Software Group

Customized touch screen keyboard, that offers an extensive list of features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comfort Software Group

Release: Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using the Surface and its Surface Pro 2 interface, you can use this keyboard for people and Windows 7 users that are too tech-centric for more intimate use.Touch screen computers require specific skill sets for using.


  • There are 70 different capabilities (more are available).screen keyboards)
  • Program keys and shortcuts to make typing more efficient
  • Autocomplete for words to shave time off your work day
  • Integration into other systems
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Ability to use gestures to add spaces to text, change the font, and become integrated into your work.
  • It is completely free to use.

With this keyboard software, one can make the keyboard fit their style perfectly. Using your keyboard by switching it from red to yellow or vice versa, you can create a mood that is more personalized, one which only feels so bland and monotonous. You might also feel ready for a research paper by doing certain procedures on a homepage. Having a keyboard that can be bright in color to take the strain out of staring at a bright screen for those working late into the night. It is also possible to make the keyboard transparent, change the font colors and borders for key pairs, and set the keyboard as transparent. Your keyboard offers a great deal of unique and specific features, that you can't beat, and make it feel more in tune. The keys of this keyboard, say bye to a boring routine and go on to do what you do best: be smart instead.

Preprogrammable shortcuts allow you to tailor this keyboard.
Reid Johnson
My touchscreen devices appreciate this virtual keyboard more than any other. This program is very sleek and the GUI is quite simple for even those without a lot of tech-savvy knowledge. I think this works effectively, should be considered by anyone who wishes to gain a good GUI and definitely is worth considering.
Users of this form of Windows virtual keyboard have a number of functions and can be substituted for anybody who does not have an operating system on.the keyboard can be customized to your taste and there are various languages to choose from. It offers multiple editing, copying, and pasting modes, plus there is a text suggestion feature. This makes typing faster.
Finlay Satterfield
Those who use on-screen keyboards know how unusable this experience can be. You can use this software dramatically change the experience of using the keyboard. It makes the work more pleasurable and enjoyable for you. The application was downloaded to check it out and to have it since then has been my go to system.
you type slowly, you should consider a Hot Virtual Keyboard. This way you'll gain more confidence in your typing and have the ability to type just like a pro by using all the tools you require. For faster typing and better accuracy, there are a number of features available, including shortcuts and keys that enable you to copy and paste text from one place to another. Additionally, you have access to suggestion lists of words to help you type faster each time. This program is a great learning experience for me in general.
I must say, it is fantastic.Windows seven and up compatibility is an asset. Its one of those amazing apps that lets one have a more intuitive experience with typing because the program has the auto-correct capability.There are certain functions it can handle properly. Additionally, I was happy I got the opportunity to customize it in terms of colour and size based on my taste.
This app is extremely cool. It feels like you are writing on a floating keyboard when you work with it. It's great. Each time I see it, I use it with full confidence. I love how easy it is to use this program. At the time, my keyboard was out of commission, but now it is working fine.
Now that hot virtual keyboards exist, they're significantly better than a regular stupid keyboard found on most touch-screen devices. In terms of versatility, my favorite feature is how it lets me adjust the volume and settings on the keyboard. I have tried many different kinds of touch screen keyboards, and this is the best one yet. As a result of using the hot virtual keyboard, which works on all my platforms, typing has become easier.
THESE KEYBOARDS ARE ACTUALLY OWNED BY ME!! I cannot imagine a better keyboard. Just as you can customize your own keyboard, they can do that too. This keyboard offers the ability to use several different languages and auto-correct function. It's one of the things that I like the most about it.The writing is faster and easier when I complete my sentences. All of the major operating systems support this keyboard. When you think of how much innovation we've put into this keyboard, I'll certainly need to order a few of these for my family members. There are so many features I love.
Due to the technology in this application, you can also spell check it as you type and you can also type faster and correct words and such, and this assists in faster words and suggests incorrect words once people get use to it; also it is a great experience for people to express themselves on In my opinion, a lot of people would benefit greatly from this application because it allows faster communication. The system does seem useful to have while doing things like that while typing papers.
Excellent software!!! This software is a worthy invention, one that deserves praise. It works the same way as does my smartphone when I have it plugged in. When I put in a few symbols, it suggests words that I should type faster and more accurately. This software makes my day easier by simplifying everything. This new software is very exciting and I would highly recommend it to anyone. No one will leave disappointed!!
Using Hot Virtual Keyboard, users are able to type capital letters on a fast timeframe, as well as participate in other functions. With the screen version of the keyboard, users can set up actions with touch and move the words to where they want to be. A highly regarded feature for those that prefer to follow the beat, fast typists, even non-skilled workers can take advantage of.skilled typists. Users of PCs or Windows can access it.
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