Manage your Hosts files easily

Operating system: Windows


Release: HostsMan 4.1.96

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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By managing, editing and saving the Host files in Windows, users will be able to translate typed human read domains into machine-readable IP addresses in a matter of seconds. Free of charge, this program is completely free of spyware, viruses, and adware. You should try it out before entering DNS servers to check the host file and match it to the IP address. Your web experience optimized and better yet, your productivity maximized to the fullest.


  • If there are multiple instances, errors, or possible hijackings, Hostsman's scanning process will identify them for you.
  • A Hose editor can only be used with this software, not with any other application.
  • It also has a built-in hosts file updater so you can ensure that your host files are up to date and the version that is preferred is stored.
  • You can enable or disable host files of your choice.
  • It features a built-in file editor so that you can easily edit files to your specifications. The ability to quickly and professionally edit host files in Hostman is normally reserved for Windows experts, but anyone can access it without the need to have professional experience.
  • It also includes a backup file manager which makes sure your data is protected.
  • Included files cannot be accessed or deleted by you at any time.
  • Features Local HTTP server
  • Tested to ensure that the application is adware free, spyware free, and no viruses.
  • A process which detects and translates domain names onto machine-readable IP addresses automatically.

You can use Hostman for free to manage all parts of your Windows host files for fast, efficient operation and one stop shopping.

100 percent free
HostsMan 4.1.96 (3.11 MB)
Software with a large number of features is expected to deliver the same level of efficiency on the many features available to it. It's key to this is to provide little or no errors on any of those features. There is a great chance of an error impacting the retailer's sales if it occurs.
Using HostsMan for Windows, users are able to edit numerous host files efficiently, enhancing their productivity. The free tool manages every Windows host file area, and all files connected to it do not need to be attached. There is an intuitive interface that makes use of it easily.
Tyler Dana
You can manage your hosts' files from anywhere and at any time through this free program.
The HostMan software I've been looking for all week is finally here: HostsMan for Windows. I finally found it once and for all. Downloading it for free did not require a payment.commercial use. In addition to an editors tool, there is even a built-in host. There are many more to come. In this software I have a solution to how files on my servers are handled.
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