HomeGuard Activity Monitor

by Veridium Software

Multi-The software allows monitoring of web content, emails, and chat threads.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Veridium Software

Release: HomeGuard Activity Monitor 6.6.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HomeGuard Activity Monitor is a powerful multi-The web monitoring and blocking tool enables you to maintain a safe environment for your family. With HomeGuard Activity Monitor, you're able to prevent offensive internet material, monitor and record activity on the PC, and limit access to applications for set times. Those whose children or family members will come in contact with it should also be well aware of the content that contains pornographic and inappropriate material.

You can also set it up to spy on your emails and block them based on their content on social media. With the HomeGuard Activity Monitor you can take screenshots of user's activity, send out notifications once it has detected it, and set up notifications based on when each action has been done.set rules. You are free to set up the screenshot function so that pictures are taken at different intervals.(i.e.: d use every ten minutes) - e.g. The fastest thing you can do is hold it down for up to 2 seconds (if there are any storage items). When User opens screenshot app, it also functions as a screenshot capture service.Sites are visited, specific keywords are detected, emails and chat messages are received/received, a program is initiated, a document is created, or a message is printed somewhere.

There's a keylogger built in that tracks every keystroke you enter in any program on your computer if you're using it. During business, contact information can not be accessed because it's password-protected. Additionally, proxies, which are not able to block basic monitoring and filtering tools, cannot be used to bypass the controls. HomeGuard Activity Monitor can be programmed with many different functions, including setting up filters against blocked or allowed sites, restricting access to print machines, limiting the usage of removable devices (e.g., USB drives), and limiting the amount of time users can access websites.g., USB drives).

In addition to providing detailed computer usage statistics for any program you have running on your computer, HomeGuard Activity Monitor is able to ensure a constant monitoring of all your activities and control.

It received a 4.3 for HomeGuard Activity Monitor for Windows.5-A star rating of 64 out of 100 was given to CNET. You are able to see exactly what your child is doing online with HomeGuard, which is easy for you to use and hard for others to catch.In this regard, four were received, as well.The author won Softpedia's award for best article, and Softonic's for best review. Each of these items has a place.This comprehensive, powerful tool will safeguard you and your family against the spreading of harmful and inappropriate content online, so no matter what you choose, it will prevent this from happening.

Keeps your family safe from malicious content on the internet

  • Content-based pornography filtering
  • Website blocking by name/URL/blacklist/whitelist
  • Time and event-based automatic screenshots
  • Program/game time limits
  • Keylogging tool
  • Internet browser monitoring and blocking
  • Detailed program usage statistics

Includes Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2007/2008/2010, and Mac OS X.

One of my three children has 3 siblings, I'm really grateful to the creator and I use his software on the office laptop in my home so that I can easily secure and safe my documents, it's extremely recommended for office workers' parents.
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