Home FTP Server

by Ari Pikivirta

A FTP server that allows you to share files directly from your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ari Pikivirta

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The solution to sending a large amount of file data or using the BitTorrent protocol without using it entirely is to host your server in a friend's house. It should be noted that the program Home FTP Server was created with the expectation of novice users, and therefore has a small number of settings and it is quite easy to work with. All items in the menu are easily identifiable by a quick tooltip that accompanies them. The interface is very simple and intuitive. Thanks to Home FTP Server you can not only start and stop the server, but also create new user accounts to work with it.

Home FTP Server only asks you for a directory where you'd like the files to be stored, then tells you which amount of disk space it allocates for it. File renaming, deleting, and modifying can be done remotely.

It is able to support different web interfaces so you can log in to it from various types of sources. Their child also had access to tools for logging server actions and monitoring Internet connection speed through a dedicated folder within home FTP server. A section with advanced settings for the program is not recommended for beginners in this program. FTP-setting as a home system for this is a very good solution in general.Therefore, you may not find the settings and instructions to be complex. There is no need to hire any other personnel or any other special knowledge to sign up for Home FTP Server.

- Individual directories can be assigned to specific users;

- How frequently the server logs its operation;; How it logs on-line;

- Web interface support;

- Individual files can be monitored through a program.

Using the FTP Server provided by Home FTP Server provided a much faster way to transfer large files. Bittorent was far easier. This way, I wasn't forced to put in my download folder because I could specify where I wanted the files downloaded to. The internet interface on each page was different and the instructions were not overly complicated, which was delightful to me. Those who don't like the typical torrent client would benefit from using Home FTP Server.
It is an Windows FTP server built for allowing you to launch your own private cloud, accept and share large files, and transfer large files without restrictions.
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