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An efficient alternative to your typical windows email server that's free and private

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: hMailServer

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hMailServer is a free mail server for Windows operating systems created by Martin Knafve. Mail backup and administration tools are provided through Windows services that provide access to POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols. Using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL databases, the program indexes and sets mail in MIME format, while storing the email in hard drive. The MySQL installer will automatically launch when the database network environment does not have been installed.

Organizations can run many of the functions performed with a mail server, including the allocation of virtual domains, domain allocations, mailing lists, ion and aliases. Active Directory databases as well as local user databases can be accessed through User Identification Programs. There are several IP connections that can be worked with using the program.There are addresses to use simultaneously, ClamScan/ClamAV antivirus or any other application with a command line setting.

- virtual domain support;

- There is also a backup program built in; ;

- rule support;

- Antispam can effectively prevent espam defense;

- SQL database support;

- An antivirus may have to be disarmed if the program is binding to it.

The product design does look like it is innovative, but the description is somewhat hazy, so I can't be quite sure what's involved with it. It won't matter how simple and complex your speech gets, clients will be able to understand what you are downloading, which catches my attention.
The mail server's interface consists primarily of emailing and identifying the people who create your emails rather than the number of accounts or addresses on your server. Your email address and contact information are stored in folders, or virtual mailboxes, which can be retrieved, even in cases where multiple individuals have their This software makes it possible to retrieve all types of email with SMTP, POP3, IMAP and other protocols. Using MySQL at all times, it makes a database from your emails. Windows Service, as defined by the application. You don't have to worry about it since the system will do it for you.
Based on hMail Server, you can send emails. Microsoft Windows users can use hMailserver for free. Schools, government agencies, and internet service providers use it. As a spam-fighting and anti-virus tool, it can scan your outgoing and ongoing emails by being embedded to your Virus scanner.