HissenIT Masterdata

by Hissen IT

Smart data management software to organize your electronic/non-electronic contacts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hissen IT

Release: HissenIT Masterdata 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you have a large group of contacts, it might be a problem to sort all those contacts. HissenIT Masterdata is a freeware software package for Windows users who need to manage a long list of electronic and non-electronic contacts. The latest version of HissenIT Masterdata was released in 2020, and most up-to-The HissenIT forum has information and discussions concerning the current day. HissenIT also maintains a support network where users can reach out to experts for advice.

The software viewport consists of several tabs and options. Through the tabs, users can switch between one view and another at any time. The ability to select "table management" lets users manage a table that displays contact information related to people, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Data can be added, edited, and deleted with a simple graphical interface (e.g.For editing or adding, use the "+" button; delete by clicking "X". Several different indicators show what are going to be filtered and sorted, too, on the main display.

Another outstanding feature is the capability of locating contact information on files. File manager allows users to manage many files on one device. There are also a variety of methods available for importing and exporting the data, including Microsoft Word, Microsft excel, and others. It is possible to view different types of files across multiple platforms with the Masterdata framework for HissenIT. You are self-sufficient if you have the will.Managing a medium-sized company would require you to have 15 years of experience.Whether you need HissenIT Masterdata for your company or another entity with high contact needs, you may find it to be suitable for you.

The software allows for efficient management of contact information for Windows users

  • Users may create contact information in the database manually using this application.
  • This program lets users easily edit, delete, sort, and filter the data through a simple interface.
  • Allows users to structure of the database efficiently
  • It allows users to import different types of files.
  • Manage different types of data simultaneously by using the tool.

There is a release note stating that this software package is intended for Windows.

Choosing HissenIT Masterdata for Windows will allow you to have seamless data management in a seamless manner. Information about companies or customers, which includes addresses, can be stored in this software. The program also allows you to pull out any file, folder or document that has a single reference to its previous data record.
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