HissenIT Kiosk

by Hissen IT

Browser that allows for content to be viewed in a certain way

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hissen IT

Release: HissenIT Kiosk 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HissenIT Kiosk is a browser that runs in Kiosk mode. It therefore features a full-screen display for the browser. Keeping all other tabs away from it is a big help.


  • Allowing for content to be shown without any interruption from viewers
  • Showing of content in a way that is managed by the moderator
  • It can be used for things such as gaming. People in the gaming industry, who stream their own content, will find it so valuable.
  • If your students are teachers, you can use this system in the school setting. This is due in large part to technology being an increasingly prevalent technology for students to use day-to-day. By using this program in class, teachers can allow students to have laptops at school, but restrict their use of the computers, so that they pay attention more.
  • Presentations that involve any type of presentation model can benefit from this software. A variety of presentation settings can be applied to it.

Using this software, you can watch a very simple video. You can, for instance, display any file in modern HTML format.There are several versions of browsers that are compatible with based browsers. Regardless of the element, you can include a video, an animated image, a graph or another format which you want to use while presenting. In the case that you share something with another person's screen, it will not have any capability issues.

Do not have to interact with a user to view content displays without interaction from a user!

Students or professionals who work in schools or businesses may find this browser to be highly useful. Let's face it- In a modern business, technology is fully controlling nearly all the processes. Users can work from virtually any place. With such a view, the use of more reliable tools would allow even people to see the same thing consistently. Now that people will be interpreting information differently, it is essential that all of it be depicted the same way. You can achieve that thanks to this browser. This is definitely a full-size book.Using a screen browser like this makes people more engaged with other factors. The best way to present information in a presentation is to have other people point things out where other people have them. As a person making a presentation, you are able to do this.

Despite its tiny size, this software still has plenty of file-size options. 48.Using 72MB as an example, it is self-sized.The fact that it is easily available on most systems is evident. Most people haven't encountered issues with the download links.

Considering he IT Kiosk is not only a useful tool for those looking for a web browser suited to Kiosk mode, but also for those looking for a tool of the same capacity when connected. Having the HissenIT Kiosk handle the display is absolutely awesome. I can display the browser as though it were on display while still being able to conceal icons so users won't be able to see anything they were viewing.
As far as HisenIT kiosk is concerned, its best features are the options that are presented through the browser homepage. It supports HTML5. These visual effects are nice and this one can be enjoyed by users.
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