HideGuard VPN

by HideGuard VPN

Your internet privacy can be protected with this tool and your IP can be changed.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HideGuard VPN

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HideGuard VPN is a great solution for those who are looking for a simple but effective program to change their IP address. As a result of the application, your network real identifiers can be hidden and anonymously masked. What are the reasons for why we have to update e we have to change IPs? Several instances are identified in which such needs arise. Your local web service might not exist in your country, or the address you use for access to your internet may have been restricted. As well as that, you can access a large number of community resource forums to create only one single account. Changing the configuration will allow you to open several new accounts.

As we mentioned above, HideGuard VPN differs from other similar programs in its ease of use. These programs differ from others, such as those that allow you to find proxies and connect with them from a remote location. It is possible to change your IP address with just one click - you can use this solution anyWHERE - from a multitude of places. You can do it right out of the box by moving the HideGuard VPN slider from 'Off' to 'On', and then waiting a couple of seconds. Also, it is simple and fast to disable the "masking.". In general, the number of supported countries already includes the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany on the list. Alternatively, your chosen country can be chosen from the list if you wish it to be applied to there. HideGuard VPN has been running around in the market for years and now offers an expanded list. And the most important fact is that it's completely free, doesn't require the user to buy different "Professional" versions, and does not require users to commit more than $50 per year

- One click method can allow you to alter an IP address;

- Provides the option to "assign" addresses from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

- random addresses ; tionary supports connection to random addresses;

- There is no requirement to reboot the computer or browser to install the settings; ;

- It can be controlled from the desktop by a small widget;

- Your IP address must remain at current"; displays adresses; displays your current IP address;

- No charge is charged for its distribution.

As well as blocking firewall attacks from countries or governments, this VPN allows users to remain anonymous. A security system cannot protect you completely or prevent you from being able to access it. Taking the route rerouting traffic to a different site may result in some bottlenecks or delays.
The HideGuard VPN software is an exceptional piece of privacy software for internet users. It's an easy-to-If you sign up for this program, keep in mind that your internet privacy isn't as extensive as it seems, because carriers can easily know who you are. Be careful not to do anything illegal with this program.
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