Hide IP Platinum

by Volcano Force

Software that allows you to hide your IP address on proxy servers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Volcano Force

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hide IP Platinum & mdash; An IP address can be hidden via a proxy server via this utility. It allows you to use email services as well as access anonymous websites. An operating principle can be summarized as follows: While the proxy server is started and selected, the proxy will begin to go through the user's requests. As a result, the address of the proxy server will appear as the user requests. However, in order to make it work best the site should attempt to block traffic to a particular IP range (for instance, a single city or country).

There is no need to make it difficult to use the program's interface. You can specify the address of any proxy manually after setting up the program as soon as the server has been connected to it. A few other features include the check of proxy work on the part of the operating system and the ability to launch the proxy application once the system has been booted.

It is important to understand that Hide IP Platinum cannot guarantee complete anonymity, because unlike VPN services, it does not encrypt all traffic, but simply uses a kind of intermediary between the client and the server. The program still works, even though it has not been updated for some time. In order for it to remain reliable and stable, another developer's tool is recommended.

- Getting to the proxy server more quickly; ng to the proxy server;

- In the ability to specify server addresses manually;

- I am not able to search for or browse websites under my own IP address;

- Verification of its correctness; To be sure the address is;

- Start of the system is possible during its startup: a.k.a.

- easy control;

- A selection of different design themes";

- From the command menu, click "Change proxy server" and you'll be able to change it.

You are either a hacker, a scumbag, a troll, or just flat crazy if you are playing multiple profiles on Facebook games and interacting with stalkers or if you are downloading illegally on streams.As an easy to use, fast-growing privacy solution, hide IP Platinum provides data protection and is an excellent choice for those looking to protect their private data. It has no effect on your reputation or computer. There is no lags or waste of computer resources caused by this application, which is easy to use. A tool such as this is especially useful when you are researching dozens of sites or many similar types of sites, such as company profiles, libraries, government agencies, social media posts, tweets, complaints, torrent sites, and other peer-to-peer files at work, home or in the Don't worry, your computer will still be protected. It is awesome to have hide IP Platinum. My favorite part is when you get to try it for yourself.
Despite its rating of outstanding, this software product does not sit well with everyone. Our Editor's choice for best VPN in 2019 is NordVPN. As well as a privacy guarantee and a money back guarantee, it helps keep your information secure. The 24/7 support offered by this company as well as the fact that you have unlimited access to almost any form of content, such as video, social media, or music, seems like an excellent proposition.
In Hide IP Platinum, you can create a proxy server which will hide your IP address and appear as a virtual proxy server on your computer. The application software allows you to set up and list more proxies for your system depending on which one is available in your area. In addition to providing its user with the option for choosing IP address regularly in time or otherwise dynamically, this application acts as a password protection system so no one will be able to access your computer from anywhere other than your private computer. Applications such as this one work with most Windows operating systems.
It has become increasingly difficult to remain anonymous on the internet due to the fact that companies and third parties have more access to data and your personal information. Having a private IP address has long been desired by some users; if that is what you need, Hide IP Platinum may be your choice. Besides keeping you in total anonymity on the web, Hide IP Platinum offers proxy servers and other features in order to protect users from unwanted monitoring.
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