by Red Hat

A built in feature of Windows that puts your computer in a sleep-like state

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Red Hat

Release: Hibernate 5.10.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hibernate for Windows is a program built into most PCs running Microsoft Windows. You may have used it for some time if you're familiar with the Windows Operating System. Hibernate is a handy feature that essentially allows you to power off your PC without losing anything you are currently working on or viewing. When your PC comes back on, its contents will be exactly what they were when you put the computer into hibernate mode. With it, you no longer have to go through and sync with multiple browser tabs and files. This allows you to keep track of things without sacrificing RAM and the ability to perform maintenance in your computer's RAM.

A safer "sleep mode" is called Hibernate for your computer. The "Sleep" mode is only effective if you only keep your data in your RAM, which means you'll lose any information it contains if there's a power outage in your home or office. In Hibernate for Windows, data on your hard drive is protected if there is a power outage in the event of an accident. Data on other hard drives is also completely secure. There are a number of reasons to use hibernate, and you should do this often.


Allows you to shut down your computer without losing any of your work
  • Power off your PC without needing to save anything
  • Information is stored on your hard drive, so it is safe in the event of a power failure
  • Can reduce electricity used by not having your PC always running
  • User friendly and built into most PCs running windows
  • Can be used in combination with sleep mode to instantly power on and resume where you left off while keeping your information safe on your hard drive
  • Allows you to move your PC between locations without being powered on but still keeping your information safe
My system can be hibernated with the time timings, we can set them daily, weekly, and biweekly in this case.
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