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Helicon Focus is a program for extending the depth of field limits in photos. In photography, deep space, or GRIP, is depicted in sharp detail, which is the area in the picture that is being focused on. Almost always, particularly when making macrophotography images, the object being photographed is a bit out of focus. As the most common macro-shoot, it is unusual for a grip to extend beyond 1 inches on average.2mm. In the example, the renowned Canon EF 100 f/2 comes to mind.The dimensions of an 8L macro lens are 1 inch.A 10 cm lens has a 1.0 mm Grip. Obviously there are a number of ways that can extend your focus depth, close your aperture completely, and face some additional problems, including no light, a slow shutter speed, as well as losing sharpness due to diffraction.resolution cameras.

In this situation Helicon Focus will be indispensable. This technique combines sharpness zones on a wide variety of images in order to create beautiful results. In another process similar to gluing panoramic photos, however the images are not centered horizontally with overlap and they go into another form at deeper depths and expand horizontally. In the correct system, stacking, as opposed to sorting, is done correctly. If practiced perfectly, everything works pretty much as it should: For example, if you set your camera on a tripod, your photo will be more pleasing to the eye, although if your camera has to turn off automatic focal correction, and if your macro has to be turned off, you will need to set it on in proper mode. Once the focus ring is gently moved over the sharp part of the subject, you'll be able to quickly blur out and combine everything else in your picture using Helicon Focus. After you do that, you'll take a photograph until the entire field passes through the focus area. Then In the event that the image processing parameters in detail would make sense to you, re-size them and place text or ruler scales at attention.

With the technique, enlarged GRIP can be used to create macrophotographs, and a vintage portrait taken on a big canvas can be enhanced with it.format cameras. For situations where there is no other alternative, sharp foreground and background photos are the way to go. Various kinds of microscopes are needed for processing these photos, whether they were taken with a camera or not.

Several detailed video lessons are included in the official website, as well as the Russified interface and help section.

- In stereo microscopes and macro photography, it has a role to play in automatically adjusting and resizing images;

- A stack contains an unlimited number of images;

- There is no restriction on image resolution (128MB of RAM is required for 8MB images); Furthermore, the phone isn't restricted to images with 8 MP graphics memory.

- Dust maps can automatically erase black dots from generated images; omatically remove black dots from the resulting images;

- The brightness of adjacent images will be adjusted by default.

- reads RAW, 8-bit and 16-For bit TIFF, JPEG, s JPEG 2000, BMP, etc;

- Writes 8-bit and 16-I want to use bit TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP files, then.

- The following is a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Adobe PhotoShop;

- Scale and headings in images; add context and style to text.

- Program adds in new versions of their functions s appear constantly.

With Helicon Focus, you can develop images that represent focus stacking by combining multiple images together. Helion Focus makes it very easy for anyone to master this technique, but Photoshop isn't even able to perform this trick as effectively. His ability to customize radius and smoothing sliders makes him a wonderful tool for achieving the best results.
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