Heimdal Security

by Heimdal Security

An antivirus program which performs deep scans at three DNS layers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Heimdal Security

Release: Heimdal Security 2.2.151

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In total, this software program can be used.in-The program acts as both a threat detection and prevention tool and as a search program where viruses are not found even during scans that are deeper in depth. Because it blends the DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS layers, it is sure to work as they are, so you know it is thorough, preventing any malicious files from entering devices' storage which could result in data being accessed and compromised or valuable financial information being compromised.

The block prevents interference with incoming and outgoing signals, so that other servers' signal cannot be relayed to your data, information, and activities. Security and unauthorized access to data are greatly limited by it. In addition, it protects your data from malicious servers. Basically, it is regarded as a way to punish victims of cybercrime as well as to prevent data theft.

In addition to that, it also keeps apps updated automatically, meaning that it helps protect users from cybercriminals by not only working to its fullest level, but ensures apps are up to date for the latest malicious activities that intend to target the user.

Works to prevent malicious attacks even before they reach user data and file storage

  • Scans at DNS, HTTP, HTTPS levels
  • Detects viruses which other antivirus programs would not detect
  • Keeps app updated
  • Acts as safety cushion so that files are kept safe
  • Simple and easy to configure

Users of Windows only need to install it.

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