by Ansgar Becker

Software allowing you to see and edit data for different database structures

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Publisher: Ansgar Becker

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HeidiSQL are MySQL and Microsoft SQL database management applications. allows users to view and edit data, make and edit procedures, create tables and dates, triggers, and trigger events all in one location. A database can, for example, be exported in SQL files and clipboard formats.

- You can use the program for free. OpenSource;

- When this occurs, multiple servers are connected in the same window;

- On the command line, connect to the server via ;

- A connection using SSH is encrypting;).

- By transferring data structure and data to another server, you are able to export both structures.

- Setting user rights;

- In order to import file servers; for the data to be imported t files;

- Tables can be exported as CSV, HTML, XML, SQL, LaTeX, Wiki Markup or PHP Array.

- A graphical shell that can be used to view and edit tabular data;

- There's only one way to deal with ascii files and binary files - batch.

- For instance, you can code-word queries and highlight their syntax.

- Identify specific words in all tables and in all databases on the same server;

- Using a batch table recovery system; olution and recovery of tables in batch mode;

- Launch the mysql.When using the current connection settings, you will be asked for an exe command line parallel window...

With HeidiSQL, you can manage your databases and be confident you will always have a backup plan. Thanks a to my ability to organize my database simply and perfectly!! Database editing tools in this tool also enable you to sort out and edit databases, delete them, open them, see them, and export and download them - either to backup the database to another server or to migrate them. I'll be forever grateful for this product.
If you are looking for a registrar for SQL databases on MySQL I would recommend HeidiSQL over PhpMyAdmin. MySQL databases have tables, logs, and users that can be handled easily by this user.friendly graphical interface. In order to accomplish this, follows must be followed: Generate SQL reports with this application, Sync the data from two distinct tables together. There are several formats for importing and exporting data, including text files and tables. Discover more here. In an application that manages user rights faster and in fewer users, it may be more simple to manage user rights quickly. If you need to update your database by: then you can do so using this tool. A variety of functions such as creating and removing tables, entering and editing logs, as well as displaying MEMO fields supporting both Bitmap and GIF, are included.
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