Heaven Benchmark

by Unigine Corp

Performance and stability test for PC hardware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Unigine Corp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Heaven Benchmark is a benchmark with support for DirectX 11 and earlier versions of this API, built on the Unigine engine. This is one of the most popular programs used to test the performance and stability of graphics adapters.

It's possible to build the highest possible percentage of a graphics card's maximum load using more advanced and powerful engines.To determine parameters for a benchmarking test, intensive graphics technologies such as tessellation, surround lighting, fog, and stereo effects are introduced before the benchmark itself takes place. The start menu also provides the option of choosing image resolution (DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 OpenGL) and the basic specification of your API (DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11, OpenGL). You are permitted to change elements of a program during its testing phases.

Heaven Benchmark provides frame rate, GPU temperature and current memory usage. Whenever a benchmark scene changes, this information changes as well. Data generated during the testing process is maintained and populated into a CSV report, which tells both frame counts and FPS values as well as length and total number of frames. As a result, Heaven Benchmark is only available as a paid product. In addition, license-free versions of the software must also use frame to render programs.by-frame analysis.

Benchmarking is designed primarily to be used for heavy-duty software systems, such as systems with enormous amounts of memory.duty three-dimensional graphics. overclocking success, ensuring maximum load-bearing power on the GPU for monitoring the highest temperatures, the Heaven Benchmark is an extremely popular tool among overclockers.

- A built-in DirectX 9 o DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL;

- Advanced anti-tampering, bulk lighting, and thermal imaging support are included in this package.aliasing;

- Complex calculations are made of objects' physics with complicated mathematical equations.

- Supports Eyefinity technology;

- Real-FPS, temperatures, and memory frequencies of the graphic adapter all adjust to changing time;

- saving CSV reports;

- software rendering mode.

Heaven Benchmark for Windows is an excellent GPU benchmarks tool in this category. GPU stability can be determined in minutes regardless of how the GPU is performing due to the tool, as well as no matter how hot it is. It is always a good idea to check results with the software since it is reliable right off the bat.
Windows Heaven Benchmark, a program modeled after the Unigine Engine, allows me to run my favorite games right from the computer. provides incredible accuracy and offers an easier metric for comparison than other benchmarking applications, because its presets, which are built directly into it, offer far greater versatility.
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