Hearthstone Deck Tracker

by HSReplay.net

You can log stats and game cards while playing to see what your opponent is doing.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HSReplay.net

Release: Hearthstone Deck Tracker 1.8.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With this software, which was developed in May 2014, it is now much more convenient to play your gameplay. Tracking done this way eliminates your having to focus on other gameplay during a game; instead, you only focus on learning from previous moves. It is normally not possible for us to estimate cards or measure probability with the help of brain power, but this software is able to both of these functions for you, giving you a way to distinguish your opponent's next move. In this game, your gameplay will be reviewed, allowing you to continue to get better each time you play. This is, in one sense or another, perceived as unfair by some in the gaming community. Playing games has long been a relatively simple hobby, but this practice eliminates the possibility of cheating. Players would easily be able to duplicate the behavior using paper or any other piece of junk. The Hearthstone Deck Tracker just does it for you.


  • Find out what your cards are going to be in advance.
  • Assumptive results from matching opponents cards to predicted future matches.
  • Both players' moves timed appropriately, secrets, and fatigue are also tracked.
  • The game tracking and game history data will be kept, and you can even take a look at your games at the end.

The collection tracking, voice controls, arean helper, graveyard, battlecry, endgame, treasury, and many more plugins a player has access to become available will be available as they become available. Check out which plugins you need by checking their titles. You should have this software if you wish to improve your efficiency and make things easier for yourself. Everything this software does could be done for you, but why does it still work?? Do your best to keep track of it. This program is available for free and will automatically update itself whenever it is downloaded.

By itself, it is not all that good; it also allows you to review past games, tracks and analyzes game history, and keeps track of the numbers and trends of the games.

Windows requirements: It must be a Windows Vista computer. Need another tool.This may result in problems with the NET Framework (4.5 or higher).7.It appears that there is an alternative workaround for #2.

Chris Brown
Great windows software that tracks your card collection, Game statistics, Game history, and predicts cards you & your opponent draw. Besides that, there are tools for tracking your collections, as well as Voice controls for the collection. The major problem when you play online is how to get things done. A must have!
At the age of 35, I'm playing my first video game since I was eight years old. Growing up, I started keeping track of the amount of money I won against the amount that loss was incurred on my account when I was around 16 years old. WE ARE NOW HEARTABLE TO do it for US because we have the new software. It is a perfect software for those gamers who were just like me and wanted it.
For those with expertise in Hearthstone Deck Tracker, it may help. It can be used as either a tool to gain an edge in card games, or as a statistical tool to calculate probability. Having access to the benefits listed at the end of the page is a convenient way to skim through the content. The software's user interface may be more useful if taken in more detail.
As a matter of fact, this software strikes me as being a form of artificial intelligence training, in which two competing players play different games simultaneously. Seeing applications of artificial intelligence in games is fascinating to some, while I am also aware there are some impressive features available as well. Nonetheless, I hardly play any games.
In this software, you construct a deck for the Hearthstone version.
Mason Handy
Windows version of Hearthstone Deck Tracker lets you play PC games with your friends. There is also a Twitch connection to enable you to stream videos from your gaming. You can also view livestreamed gaming videos, in-game highlights, and in-game previews.Compare your personal statistics to those of your competitors. Battlegrounds Helper, an interactive tool that helps you visualize your opponents' moves to improve your predictions for gaming, has a good deal to offer.
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