by Miray Software AG

Erase Your Hard Disk In Secure Manner Using This Application That Employs Multiple Security Algorithms

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Miray Software AG

Release: HDShredder 5.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HD Shredder is essential for anyone who needs to securely erase data from their hard drive and works independently of partition layout, file sys­tem, and operating system. For example, if you are thinking of selling an old PC then this software would be an ideal tool in preparation for the task as you will want to wipe the data until it is beyond recovery.

Disk drive installations are suitable for both mass storage and individual partition installations, while deletion technologies will have been determined by a variety of international security guidelines.

In order to be able to use it, newbies should be able to get by on its ease-of-use as well as the clean layout and simple interface. By using the interface, you can select all or parts of a drive or a partition, and it's within the partitions where you can pinpoint the exact areas you want to remove permanently.

Various display stats are available, such as total size, controller count, serial number, date, and company name. Several wiping methods are available -- automatic wiping, standard wiping, and user-facing wiping.Defined.By the latter option, the software may be overwriteped at a predetermined number of times, meaning that the data can be deleted at any time. It may be better to choose the first option and let people choose which algorithm are used when you choose the second if they don't mind messing around with setting up. The algorithms to choose from include DOD 5200.The fund had 28M, Gutmann, Pfitzner, und und Schneier.

HDShredder can also run speed tests and create bootable media

  • wipe the data until it is beyond recovery
  • Uses several wiping methods
  • Works with proprietary formats
  • Simple interface and a clean layout
  • Intuitive design makes it great for beginners

HDShredder is a useful and content full tool that can be utilized for numerous different tasks; It is appropriate to carry with you since it is so useful. Beginners should enjoy the simple-to-use program due to its numerous options. The vast variety of courses make it a popular choice.

From basic up to enterprise, you're able to choose from five editions.

HDShredder 4.0 (11.49 MB)
HDShredder 5.0.3 (87.3 MB)
Scott Steen
A standalone application called hnduster allows you to run speed tests and create BIOS. This app's layout is simple and it's responsive.
The HD shredder is a freeware system that cleans up junk files. It helps eliminate 99.9% of files from a computer.The files that are not necessary are deleted. Although more robust-paid-premium versions are available, there shouldn't be any problems with getting by on the free version. With it, unwanted files can be removed and you can setup it easily.
Windows users can easily erase entire hard drives with this program. If you would like to delete all your files and content completely, then this Windows software is ideal for you. It is important you download this application prior to performing any data erase. It will prevent any return to information and data that you have deleted.
Oscar Homer
Software is known as HDShredder for Windows, a file shredder that can erase content from your hard drive and allow it to be split. If you already know how to use the HDShredder app on Microsoft Windows, you are not required to download it. All you need to do with a Windows computer is stock it with this program. Included with your operating system is a software fee of $200.
Whenever there is no absolutely erasing of data, HDShredder is a great product for those who fear being paranoid about their data. If you remove data from a hard drive, a backup disk is not really deleted; it replaced when the hard drive is needed more frequently. Thus, "delete" data will allow restored data to be made easier to access by people with knowledge of it. Software such as this does, however, cause the data on the hard drive to be deleted and you cannot restore it. This means that your data can be hacked into. For those who want to eliminate important information from their computer without the results missing, a password is appropriate.
In addition to operating on all types of drives, this software is extremely popular. A version of this application is free and a version premium is available, but you may wish to upgrade if you are constantly using it. You need an easy to install and erase device that will eliminate data instantly on the drive.I was able to eliminate 60Gigabyte of memory in 1 minute utilizing this tool. That's just insane. You can also use it with USB flash drives.
It looks like the HD shredder 5 will make deleting all types of data that are on computers much easier and faster. Harddrives and discs can be easily destroyed using this software, because it is one of the most reliable deleters. In order to safely and easily remove all things stored on a user's computer, it's a good idea to get one of these. Several large computer systems can easily be deleted while businesses are running this program. Ideally, I would recommend Entreprise Edition for companies who find themselves wanting to fast-delete a lot of data (65 GB per minute). Take a look for yourself.
You will find this program useful if you wish to clear a large portion of your hard disc or other media files. The latest version of this software can be downloaded through the market currently called HDShredder Basic Edition, HDShredder Standard Edition, or HDShredder Professional Edition. At present, the software only supports Windows as an operating system. It is necessary to perform deletion of hard drive on our old computer or PC if both the storage media being used and the data it contains are damaged. It can perform this operation with a very high speed.
When you want to dispose of all your possessions in storage such as hard disks and other storage devices, the HD shredder does the job for you rather easily and quickly.Its free version includes a feature where everything is automatically erased 6GB per minute and its speed is greater than average. There are a variety of packages that starts from 1 to 200 Euros per box. It's possible to purchase advanced PCs through package purchase.
As an owner of this software, I am happy with the results. If I deleting things from my hard drive or solid media, all will be deleted correctly. There are some software that are less accurate that HDShredder, which is why I recommend the more accurate HDShredder software.
A disk cleaner that can remove junk files, HDShredder provides a combination of different security options. It can delete full hard drives as well as storage media at high speeds. Any data that has been deleted can't be recovered due to its thorough cleaning up. As far as free and paid versions go, they have the same functionality. It is limited to Level 1 security in the free version but a Level 217 security in the Enterprise version.
It's free to shred HD files with HDShredder.to-Ensure that you delete the larger portion of the file using the software. As a delete option, this can be used. The HDShredder allows the partition to be sorted by its partitions. There will be no evidence of folders and files left behind by the program. Miray Software makes this disk cleaning utility, which comes in five different versions. There are also other basic functions that you can construct.
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