Hardwipe 64-bit Edition

by Big Angry Dog Ltd

Data wiping tool for Windows that can permanently erase files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Big Angry Dog Ltd

Release: Hardwipe 64-bit Edition 5.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Users of Hardwipe can wipe their data to make it impossible for the private information held on their computer to be recovered upon deletion or at any time after they leave. It is possible for information to remain within your system even after it has been deleted, hidden to virtually everyone, except those trying to undermine your privacy. Make sure you keep your sensitive data safe, permanent, and secure.

Additionally, the Hardwipe device offers an integrated user interface and, importantly, is available with optional support for the right thumb.Windows File Explorer offers contextual menus. Click on them when using it. Portable devices like external hard disks and USB files can be damaged through physical wiping through swipe technology. Through its ease of use, it is able to eliminate folders forever on demand with the Windows Recycle Bin cleaned. It is able to permanently erase drives as well as the contents of drives. A user does not want his or her data to be found or to be returned; a system full of deleted data is impossible to find nor trace when deleted. Having this feature protect your user information is important if you are selling on your system.

It also offers freedom and security, knowing that all physical devices and logical volumes can be deleted with no difficulty. There is no easier way to clear folders, Recycle Bins, and Windows Page files in it. is a wonderful tool for freeing up your Drive Space and cleaning the entire system as well as adding a background option so that as you wait for longer work to get done, you can still work.

In addition to reading, you can access other useful features.Reports can also be tailored to meet different needs and requirements. uses in conjunction with all major cleaning systems, including hardwire.Ensures the back-up of all reports and reports in all major cleaning programs.

Securely and thoroughly wipes private and sensitive data

  • Data is securely wiped erasing and permanency is employed.
  • An option for CPU priority. Speed or pause.
  • The context menu can be accessed through this integration.
  • A Recycle Bin system or a Disk Free Space system.
  • Support and customer service available online for free.

If necessary, Hardwipe can be upgraded for a fee at any time for noncommercial and private users.

The first computer I tested was the Hardwipe 64-bit.You can use bit Edition for Windows to make sure that I am not losing my data. In my sometimes sensitive or confidential files, I also turn to Hardwipe to protect them. Hardwipe is a technology permanently deleting data off hard drives and storage devices so that you are confident that your data is securely backed up and up.
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