Hardware Inspector

by Database Harbor Software

The most accurate inventory tracking system available for hundreds of IT administrators throughout the entire spectrum.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Database Harbor Software

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Hardware Inspector is designed for automated computer accounting. Keeping track of your computer park's information will help you learn how to fix, maintain and update it.

can automate tasks such as collecting equipment and components' movements along with keeping track of maintenance records as part of a software program for managing equipment and component inventories. As the revision mechanism of the workstation prevents theft and disruption, computers and parts are protected. As well as controlling the settings on the computer, a detailed account ensures efficiency and freedom for designing your strategy to modernize and redistribute your assets. The problem of reporting material accounts is now a thing of the past.

- detailed device accounting. Each device is issued with a passport which includes information about its purchase, its technological parameters, and the history of the device's movements around the workplace;

- Analyzing the license of software in detail. As part of every license's issuance, it consists of an information packet that contains information about its purchase, parameters, and status;.

- Users request the registration of requests. Users' requests for IT department help can be recorded. A user can access messages history, files attached to request, etc. A user can also access the browser's web interface.interface;

- Consumables accounting. Using the program, we enable you to keep track of receipt and delivery of consumables, as well as plan your consumables' needs based on historical financial data; Additionally, an account can be set up to keep records of consumables receipt and delivery;

- This refers to a tree of units and workplaces in which all members live. It can be displayed in two parts: workstation and desktop analysis. representation of the organization (aal structure) and territoriality (colored map). A hierarchy exists at the workplace, where devices have access points as well. Specifically, it is the motherboard that has the motherboard, the processors that have the processors, and the coolers that have the cooler, for example, the mobo is inside the case, the CPU is inside the board,

- Ensure devices and workplaces are always in good working order. Your maintenance efforts will be kept in the program: The program's systems store workplace data for use later. IT reports on the work performed for particular purposes, including maintenance, repair, and prevention. Therefore all circumstance-related facts are captured upon receiving them from the client.It's possible for the department and its employees to be based there; ;

- inventory. Monitoring hardware availability using barcodes is one of the key features of the program.

- Licensing and moving of computers, printers, and other electronic devices. There is space between workstations where accounting objects can be moved. Every device/license has an automatic way to observe the fact that it moved;

- During the course of your manual or automated application, there could be errors in information. Data from all the programs for adding devices is imported into EVEREST by importing the descriptions from the ASTRA, ASTRA32, and EVEREST programs (AIDA32 was integrated into EVEREST). Using this software will reduce your input processing burden. It runs an analysis program that reads from hardware data the behavior of devices. In addition to model and manufacturer information, production dates (HDDs, CPUs, monitors, memory modules, and motherboards), serial numbers (HDD, and motherboards) as well as technical parameters for the devices are provided. Certain parameters may not be specified by the manufacturer if their specific use exceeds certain thresholds;

- There are many reports in there. Device passports, Workstation passports, License Passports, Inventory number lists, IP address lists, Complete list of equipment, Completed work over time report are some of the reports available for export. Additionally, users are able to create their own reports on the built-in visual designer within the browser.

- For searching for information, several mechanisms are available. Different filters are used by the program to search for devices and consumables. The tools "Database queries" provide better results when using a combination of selected variables for a more flexible search of a broader range of data. You can not only look at the selected information on your screen, but also print, and export the report files using the built-in or custom template.

- flexible access control. You can manage the functions and data provided by each database operator in a way that ensures your flexibility. An organizational structure tree and the map may be distributed via open access rights. Access to the warehouse belonging to the IT department, for instance, is possible to deny employees.

- multi-The tenant is given access to the database. Using a file server, you may have access to several users at once if you own a single database.

I only became aware of its 4-start record after reading the information provided. stated that after using it will be comfortable and it is proved right after you use it. It is good for the page to highlight particular aspects of its company, like Verified 100% safe, through the use of greed letters. I feel it was because of its presentation of the page that I can't fully trust them 100-percent. The laid out text and fonts didn't sit well with me.
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