by HamSphere

A Ham Radio simulator over the internet, with a classic design to mimic an actual device and reaches a lot of locations worldwide

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HamSphere

Release: HamSphere

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is for those interested in experiencing Ham Radio again in the way that it used to connect, communicate and communicate with the outside world. They'll want random talks with any curious person who is interested. You can use this software or tool if you were born and raised with the original device. All the buttons and controls offer users the ability to manipulate the settings - this is especially true as it combines a nice classic touch with modern options.With digitized screens, the audio reception has been optimized for better viewing. These software must be run from the Internet, which would require the use of this program.

Don't have a big device in your home just for use with your computer or if you like, your smartphone can be used on an iOS or Android platform. You can also connect to other Ham radios that are located all over the globe on this site. - With the trial software, most features of the software can be tested while you're in the office. In a wireless communication system you gain access to a wide range of devices or other users around the world via an array of basic "digital antenna." With greater digital antenna, you can reach even more users/radios without having to invest significantly.


It let you play around with it for some time before actually subscribing
  • You can reach over 200 countries.
  • Prior to purchasing the software, try it for 30 days.
  • Those who remain subscribed to any futures software receive free updates.
  • You can use it on the phone at no additional cost.
  • A growing number of users to talk to.

There is plenty of fun that can be had just by discovering and chatting with people throughout the world who you never knew before. I can picture what it would like to do for a few years if I tried this device the first time.internet days.

Jan Herod
Using this simulation, you will be able to use any smartphone or computer via ham radio that can be controlled by this device. software that, for years, lets you communicate with people in over 200 countries over your personal old ham radio device. As with devices, you can keep all the buttons and controls of your software, even on your digitized device. Besides, when you buy the trial software you can continue using it for thirty days. Great deal!
Through the radio transceiver, Windows, Mac, and Linux are able to access the internet. It seems to be a convenient and accessible option that people will love. This works for me, and a large group of people could enjoy the benefits of utilizing it. It does exactly what it says on the tinit is to use, and like that is excellent.
Jake Chen
A Windows radio module with different levels of functionality. it a very nice app that allows you to test various frequencies. However, it has errors on occasion, as I am able to here it. I guess you can use the license to make the program better, since buying the license adds all the enhanced features.
My interest in radio has been longstanding. I have searched for equipment and software I can use to get into it. The music you can access is wonderful, so if you choose to use it I hope you enjoy it. By taking classes on diverse genres of music throughout the world, I get to learn more about culture as part of musical education.
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