by ClusterM

Installs new ROMs on the Super Nintendo Mini device.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ClusterM

Release: Hakchi2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Typically, the Super Nintendo Mini comes with a limited number of previously installed games. The total amount is 21 games, and users do not have the ability to load or install more games on their device. Hakchi2 gives users the ability to install new ROMs on their Super Nintendo Mini.


  • Your Super Nintendo Mini should now have new ROMs added.
  • This will help you know about where and when your Super Nintendo device will be displayed when it releases. Additionally, the ROMs will display the cover and the player numbers.
  • Synchronize a ROM list to the Super Nintendo Mini seamlessly

Hakchi2 is software that primarily benefits users that own a Super Nintendo Mini. The Hakchi2 device only has functionality for the Super Nintendo Mini, so it can only play and operate roms. Due to this limitation, Hakchi2 is a limited product and target demographic that can be viewed. Nevertheless, it offers a beneficial and worthwhile use for some users, in some cases. Super Nintendo Mini offers a diverse selection of Super Nintendo games that appeal to a wide spectrum of Nintendo users for different reasons. The Super Nintendo system had more than 700 video games - some not included in the 21 game selection in the Mini version. The Hakchi2 software allows players to select the missing Super Nintendo Mini games, and reinstall them in a manner similar to when first downloaded. The application is available for free and can be installed on Windows devices. You can also download Super Nintendo rom files for Hakchi2 if you wish. This application eliminates much more difficult and risky tasks related to installing and downloading the ROMs onto the Super Nintendo Mini, it also adds a greater degree of peace of mind and security in regards to making the application simpler to use.

Its capabilities are not available to Super Nintendo Mini users. Hakchi2 can bring new game functionality to that platform.
Hakchi2 0.20rc4 (11.9 MB)
Hakchi2 (11.48 MB)
Hakchi2 2.20rc2 (27.53 MB)
Hakchi2 2.20 (11.48 MB)
Daniela Beltz
There is an application for the Super Nintendo Mini which allows the owners to add new games. This program does not allow gamers to make their own programs; ; Super Nintendo Mini users can now unlock it further, however, thanks to Hakchi2 software. It's wonderful that Hakchi2 software offers the option to install your own games on your console/device, since such is usually a good idea for gamers.
Harry Roddy
In addition to Windows 7 and 8, Hakchi2 now supports Windows 10 as well as many other software applications. The app allows you to play a variety of NES Mini games. Using Hakchi2, you can adjust your game settings on any NES, SNES or Game Boy device, and check support for any games that you might have. This is also an affordable, convenient app that allows anyone to find games or just add something new to their PC in less than a second. Hakchi2 allows everyone to experience it without even having to learn an inn more settings or just have something else cool to play on your down time
The game is played well and well managed and many great facilities are available for all.
Its quality is great. Basically, it installs roms onto a Nintendo mini and gives you a running start. This is exactly what it sounds like. To improve something like that, it is not impossible. The vast majority of Nunteno mini's users are not involved in its production. so they have all the same stuff for smart phones as well as other mobile devices.
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