by Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd.

A graphical interface for Ghostscript to allow printing or viewing of pages

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GSview is a software that is a graphical interface for Ghostscript. Thus, Ghostscript is an interpreter for PostScript page description language. Follow up on documents concerning structuring agreement - edgware following the structuring agreement - Adobe PostScript Document Structuring Conventions, GSview allows you to view and print selected pages.

- File types such as PostScript, PDF, and JSLs can be viewed and printed using this application.

- The ability to view pages in random order (Next, Last, Defined).

- The DSC comments determine how big the page should be and what orientation should be used. The menu can also be used to set them by yourself.

- This tool enables printing of selected pages when using Ghostscript.

- A bitmap or PDF file can be converted to a PostScript file.

- Different options can be configured for resolution, depth, alpha channel, etc.

- Its image can be viewed zoom-in by clicking on the button.

- The ability to extract selected pages to a different file.

- A copy of the displayed picture can be copied in the clipboard.

- Image copied from the clipboard can be saved to an A2 MP3 file without a conversion line.

- In the EPS file (TIFF or Windows Metafile), you can either create a bitmap image or preview the file.

- What should be displayed as a graphic element for EPS (set and display graphic frame).files.

- You will be able to previews from DOS an EPS file using a JPEG, for example.

- An ability to search text or retrieve it.

- PostScript and PDF files can be read through gzip and bzip2.

- Online help.

- The utility file is compatible with Win32, OS/2, and GNU/Linux. The older versions of Win16 also support the operating system.

- CD drives can be used directly to run the program.ROM.

- The program is supported by many foreign languages including English, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish.

- Includes the installer.

- You are entitled to use this program without a cost (Aladdin Free Public Licence).

- There is an integrated copy with Ghostscript 7 within the program.04 - 9.In Ghostscript, version 19 is checked by Ghostscript. Ghostscript 4 compatibility is not dependent on older versions of GSview.03 - 6.99.

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You are a real treasure when it comes to print PostScript and PDF files. With the capability of converting other formats, it is easy to use. You both work well when copying and Zooming. It has never been an issue to get online help. Completely intuitive!
For Windows, GSview software works in conjunction with Ghostscript to make graphical changes.A window called Gs view, which lets you print almost anything easily, has a picture of each page on each page. You can download this software for free. You must install securely and fast, so everything works smoothly and quickly. With GS view software, you are presented with a series of manipulated ghostscript images. This software should now include the option to clear selected views. Drama scripts are very dependent upon these kinds of software when editing their content. This is a very useful tool in almost every situation.
A printing designer like me, I've worked in the past with formats including CMYK, i enjoy using this way of working, and there are a number of options like colour separation and color divider using those features and you can easily change your material if you so wish.
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This software has a lot of error codes.
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