by Riccardo "Jack" Lucchetti

Cross platform package for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Riccardo "Jack" Lucchetti

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Last revision: Last week

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gretl is a package of applications designed for econometric analysis and modeling. All rights are granted to GPL licensing, and its most advanced solution is licensed under it.e., completely free). Various types of evaluators, methods and types of source models are used to evaluate each sample model of the program. A scripting language that's "own" is integrated in the script. LaTeX is a format that can be used to output the models.

To begin working with the program, it is wise to import sample files (Greene, Ramanathan, Gretl) and data files (Texts, SPSS, SAS) into TXT, SPSS, and CSV. You will need to select the structure for your project and manually enter the variable and value information. Statistical tables and graphs can be used to present the collected information. Charts can be drawn with Gnuplot, an application running as an GUI (gui).

Among the most important advantages of gretl we would like to mention the support of OLS, GMM and ML analysis methods. In addition to designation data, several methods describe least squares, generalized moments, and optimum probabilities. The two can be used in several ways depending on the nature of their role. In addition to ARIMA, GARCH, VAR, ARMA, and VECM, time series models are supported by TimeLife software. Additionally, Gretl provides limited dependent variables of limited dependent variables: Also gretl supports models with limited dependent variables: There are other ways to process data besides tobit, such as logging.

It is a simple and powerful tool that can integrate with more related software solutions: Its capabilities include: Statistical analysis of equations. It is written under C/C++, OX and TRO/RM. Data analysis can be done with them later.

- The analysis of econometric data in the field of econometric models.

- built-in script editor;

- An iterative assessment team and the Monte Carlo method are supported;

- model output from LaTeX; in LaTeX LaTeX format;

- l support for OLS, GMM and ML methods;

- Integrates Octave, GNU R, and Ox;

- This distribution is licensed under the GPL license.

- Import data arrays in the CSV, TXT, SPSS, and SAS formats.

- Statistic tables and graphs are gathered.

gretl 2015D Git (20.79 MB)
gretl 2016a git (20.91 MB)
gretl 2017d (25.26 MB)
gretl 2018d (24.79 MB)
gretl 2018c (25.75 MB)
gretl 2018a (25.08 MB)
In order to perform sophisticated econometric analyses with a lack of available tools, Gretl for Windows is the best option. Based on the user's experience with this program, the latest features are available so that system estimation can be simplified. Thanks to the fact that it supports 10 different languages beyond English, you can generate results in many different languages at the same time.
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