by MoreQuick

A basic internet browser based with features such as Quick Key, Mouse Drag and Drop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MoreQuick

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: In the wake of the discontinuation of the program, no assurance can be provided as to its operation. The latest version is available on our website.

Free multiwindow Internet browser based on the Internet Explorer engine.

Has many additional features, such as:

collector to help save images, text, scripts, etc;

support for mouse gestures (flexibly customizable);

The ability to drag and drop a document (in ACDSee, as well as its individual elements) in one location. links, pictures, text, etc;

a pop-up window blocker;

the search bar;

A variety of skins are available on the developers' website; oll skins can be downloaded from the developer's website);

proxy manager;

Set your own bookmark panel; t own bookmark panel;

auto scrolling;


auto-fill forms;

Panels' autopsy; ;

Identify all links used to analyze or sort the page;

supports link groups;

informative status bar (configurable);

Displaying a selective homepage by selecting one. Firefox may be blocked from loading.Image and sounds to save traffic (configurable);...

Choosing from the powerful search mode on the page can improve search.

external toolbar;

built-in download manager;

Page scaling, etc.

GreenBrowser is free and does not require installation - just transfer the folder with the program to your computer and run the GreenBrowser.A flash drive is suitable for working with this exe file.

- Powerful search bar: By dragging and dropping the text into your search box, or adding your favorite search engine, you'll get access to more than 15 search engines as well. Contains information, news, pictures, game and mp3 downloads, program and program parts, among other items.

- External programs toolbar: Adding any of the programs you need to keep in your fingertips is one of the options you have here. Autorun, or setting any of them, is available to you after the user has created your browser;

- Customizable status bar: There is no requirement that you configure the status bar.

Despite its age, this product is still useful. Browsers offer a variety of new features, such as gestures with mouse controls and the ability to save via web browser. However, the complexity does make the application tricky as it is for power users. Also, there is a wonderful filtering option that is free and always a great advantage.
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The browser is available for Windows and is based on the Safari system.
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Using a web browser tailored specifically for your needs, privacy is increased and customization is much greater.
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