by Ivan Johansen

Graph's source code can be found from SourceForge along with versions older than 2.0.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ivan Johansen

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Graph is an open source program designed to build mathematical charts. As well as making simple sinuses, cosines, logarithms and other types of charts possible, you can use this application and determine whether color is selected, thickness is selected, and limits can be reached. Graph also allows you to show conditions of equality and inequality of parts of the equation, visually highlight parts of the chart, build trend lines and import data from external applications (e.g., Excel). If you have a ready computer, you can save your money.-Multiformat graphics -Facetting in several formats - The forms are a PDF, SVG, EMF, JPG, and PNG file. Using Graph, one can also export the coordinate system (as one image or one OLE object) t applications (e.g., Word). Displays tables with calculated function values, allows text comments to be added on diagrams, gives way to function and constants creation with animated diagrams and even makes use of animated animation.

- Charts of mathematical functions that can be analyzed together with...

- Chart parameters need to be adjusted tionary parameters - How thick, how bold, how long, how tall, and how many stamps are used; etc.

- Export ready-The graphics can be stored in multiple formats (PGP, JPG, SVG); etc.

- The use of animated graphics in computer games.

Mathematic charts can be built through this program. It enables customized features and standard functions. Several applications will be able to use its extort feature. You can convert files that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks on this program. It has a five-star rating and seems to have awesome benefits for the user.
Although it differs significantly from previous product descriptions, as it pertains to the area, it is thorough enough in describing the primary features, as well as presenting the summary. Moreover, the bullets following the detailed description provide good feedback for the product.
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