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Bypass the step of using your smartphone to upload Instagram pictures.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gramblr

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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An important point for Instagram users is that standard personal computers cannot be used to upload their pictures and videos to the service. Gramblr enables users of Instagram to directly and quickly upload photos and videos on their computer without a smartphone, even being present. Gramblr, however, does preserve the upload requirements that Instagram has set for photos. Uploading a photo to Instagram is as simple as holding it up to Gramblr. In Gramblr, you can upload or share pictures and videos from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook or a combination of the two, in the same way as with Instagram on the mobile app.


  • Has a built-in crop tool for photos and videos once uploaded
  • Functionality to detect drag and drop action of a photo file
  • Links directly to a users Instagram account using login credentials and saves them for later use
  • A built-in editor allows users to adjust the orientation, focus, color, lighting, sharpness, red eyes, whiten teeth, and remove blemishes
  • A built-in editor also allows users to add preset effect filters, frames, stickers, splash effects, drawings, and text
  • Enables the user to add the hashtag and caption just the same as the mobile application does
  • Has a built-in upload scheduler where users can select to upload at a later time rather than immediately by the date and time down to the minute
  • Has a coin earning system that once activated allows users to collect points from liking other uploaded photos
  • Coins can be used to get free likes on photos and videos

Perhaps the thing Gramblr is widely known for is that it is currently available for download at no cost to you, head over to the windows website to download it. There are also other applications for this purpose, but they are all paid.

With this service, users can earn free Instagram likes from their uploaded photos by trading their coins.
Because the Instagram user often spends a lot of time on laptops and computers, it's an invaluable tool. You now use Instagram exclusively on your laptop, whereas smartphone users would need to carry around another Instagram app. These Instagram apps not only take the place of Instagram on a smartphone, but provide another way to access the Instagram app and make new friends.
Instagram users are experiencing something for the first time. Your smartphones cannot be used to upload pictures and videos. Instagram's high standards are met by this app, which is free to download, and an "Like" system that rewards people who make an "Like.".
In my opinion, it doesn't have any appeal at all. Although I like the white background, it lacks appeal because it merges with the gray text boxes and blue text. The search text box has words that do not seem readable. Unverified comments at the bottom make an app appear fake.
I've run Gramblr a couple times on my old computer, it used to be my go-to for taking pictures, fixing wallpaper mistakes, and so on.
Thomas Maldonado
There are many advantages to the pricing of this product and its user-friendly interface that makes this software very easy for beginners to operate.
Gramblr is a free application that allows you to post to Instagram from your laptop or desktop computer. The app does quite well in promoting Instagram as well. Your Instagram post can not only be posted to Instagram but also shared with Twitter and Facebook by using the Instagram feed. Overall, it’s an excellent resource if you constantly send yourself photos to download to your phone in order to post them.
Gramblr - now you can upload pictures and videos you take from your PC to your Instagram account. A single photo can be sent from your desktop to your Instagram account using Gramblr. As a result of the increasing popularity of mobile devices and a need for one, there is no longer a need for us to write. With Gramblr, our need is no longer there. With a super-Despite having a simple interface and support for social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, Gramblr blends the best of both worlds.
With Gramblr for Windows, you can upload and share content on Instagram on your computer. This awesome and easy-to-use Instagram app is just about as useful for sharing content in your Instagram on a PC as Instagram does on an App. If you want use this app in your own pc, downloading it in the pc rather than logging in via your Instagram account is the most
App Gramblr lets you use Instagram without installing Instagram apps on your phone. I don't have an email account and if I don't see one on my phone it makes it impossible to reply to you. In order to make a post about the business. Normally, I would find it difficult to post on Instagram because it cannot be uploaded from your computer. Enter Gramblr. With it, you are uploading information extremely straight forward and easily. Your account's sensitive information is not stored online when the site is uploaded. Would recommend.
Instagram users can take advantage of this useful feature quickly and easily. The Instagram Web App still lacks capabilities for uploading photos, so here it is!! Using my desktop, my images can easily be uploaded to the Internet. This app is extremely useful with its free, filter-friendly features. I particularly liked the fact it features over 50 options. I really do recommend Gramblr for PC users that enjoy the convenience of using Instagram on their computer.
Its a pleasure to take part in this program. My phone cannot take care of my uploading of photos and videos to my social media pages. This program allows me to do so without needing to deal with the computer. I love using it when I'm on vacation and I want to show off my footage on my GoPro. You can easily upload all of them to my Instagram account with a few clicks.
Microsoft's Gramblr app gives you access to new spaces in digital space.It works with both conscious image editing as well as photo editing apps such as Instagram. Using Grambler rather than a mobile app or a smartphone, photos can be captured in desktop format and uploaded to Instagram. A lot of influencers can be successful from multiple platforms, since they can use different platforms together.It is necessary to depart from this longstanding reliance on phone use - to meet this general trend.Using social media-based apps, your tasks will be completed as efficiently as they were done in-person. offers dozens of native filters and effects as well as cropping features, the user interface is pretty straightforward, and it might serve as a good pick for people who want simple software that permits them to upload and share images easily.
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