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Access your PC remotely from other devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LogMeIn, Inc.

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GoToMyPC is a software solution for remote desktop access which works with Windows (as well as Mac) computers. Internet access is the first step to installing the software.Any other computer connected to the host computer using a secure browser connection can use the resources and files on the other one. You can even access the host computer from your mobile devices, such as an Android tablet or iPhone, by installing the GoToMyPC client apps for the relevant device. GoToMyPC supports both multiple monitors and transmission of audio from the host computer such as music or notification sounds. With a 7-day free trial of GoToMyPC, you can check out any site on the internet.You will be able to try out the software for a day and then select a reasonable price after that.


  • For secure websites, all logins to the host computer are based on the https protocol.
  • Sending and receiving end-to-end data is final solution is to stop using the 128-bit address.bit AES protocol.
  • For increased privacy, GoToMyPC allows you to lock the host computer remotely and turn off its screen.
  • With GoToMyPC's own infrastructure in place, reliability is guaranteed, so no network connections are dropped or processing resources are restricted at any time.
  • The host screen image must only be transmitted when there is a change in the conditions, so the lag is reduced since fewer data are being transmitted.
  • With a graphical installer, it is easy to install the program on your host computer.
  • Using GoToMyPC, both the host and client devices can be both securely accessed.
  • In the cloud, a shared copy-and-paste function exists between the host and clients, making it easy to copy and paste between them.

Remote desktop apps such as GoToMyPC often deliver superior performance. Most importantly, GoToMyPC uses the standard transmission method so that changes do not affect the image.

I usually need Windows 7 or a version of Windows 2003, and then my PC only works on those versions. There is a 2-requirement requirement.There should be at least 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor.

Through GoToMyPC, any one of your other devices can login to your host computer remotely, whether that device is a PC or mobile. With this connection, you are able to secure the connection to your host computer so you have full access. Using GoToMyPC almost automatically assures that you're using your real computer instead since you'll only face a few lags.
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