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Video subtitles can be downloaded and saved.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: google2srt

Release: Google2SRT 0.7.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Google Video or Youtube have subtitles. If you do, than Google2SRT is the product you should be downloading. Google2SRT is a free software program that allows users to download non-You can convert embedded subtitles into other standard formats supported by many video players by using YouTube or Google Video. There are versions of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP that utilize this software. There are several steps that are very straightforward. Simply copy and paste your URL, choose the title of your video, and choose your language from the folders within the program. Using Google2SRT software, files can be downloaded quickly and easily.


  • sync with subtitle sync with adjustment of the delay function of the video.
  • Allows users to download files in the SRT format and then gives them the ability to convert them into SSA or SUB formats, which are more popular formats, through the use of other software that is available online.
  • The software can convert subtitles or captions that are in the XML file format to SRT format.

the use of this software for a wide range of reasons is excellent. Almost all documentary series and movies on YouTube feature subtitles that people can paste into their own languages, and this is an easy way to embed subtitles. Although some videos may have poor accessibility, Youtube has a considerable online library that is accessible by many different languages and includes a vast amount of videos. A foreign video may not work in your language when streaming online, but you need this software because subtitling has been done beforehand. With this software, subtitles can be embedded into the internet or downloaded more easily.

A simple step to be able to download subtitles and use it is to simply turn the key.
Google2SRT 0.5.3 (0.32 MB)
Google2SRT 0.7.7 (1.71 MB)
Farid Rajabi
While searching for a video subtitle, I ended up not finding it once in a while, so I stopped watching the video that I could not locate.The Google application makes the application more accessible. There will be a great deal of appreciation for it from the public.
Elle Jay
Subtitles for videos can be downloaded from this app and saved. As an added bonus, it supports syncing the subtitles at the time of viewing the video, ensuring that the playback goes smoothly so you get the best picture and video. Watching movies in other languages is especially easy since you can download subtitles and understand the film for your language.
It is important to have subtitles so you can better understand videos, especially movies that are based on languages you might not be familiar with. Google2SRT can help you with subtitles for your language, allowing you to understand your videos better. There will be a great deal of appreciation for it from the public.. The app needs to be made more robust and relevant for every language.
The Google2SRT utility for Windows makes it simple to convert and save subtitles from YouTube onto your Windows PC or laptop. It is a tool for freeware downloads, and it is perfect for downloading subtitles from the YouTube website onto Windows PCs or laptops. An ideal YouTube viewing experience and linguistics expert will benefit from this. A trailer is available if someone wants to get translations for their YouTube YouTube videos.
Joshua Swisher
The information found on websites such as YouTube is translated to be easily read on other websites thanks to Google2srt. You can download it for free from the Windows Store. Compared with some other tools, I haven't come across any negative reviews, so if you've been searching for a way to make your life simpler I encourage you to try.
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