Gmail Notifier

by Yair Konfino

We'll notify you when we receive emails on Gmail.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yair Konfino

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Gmail Notifier is a program that notifies you when you receive new messages in Gmail.

Gmail Notifier can be downloaded and installed on Windows to receive notifications of new Gmail messages.

Your Google Email program is located in the system tray, which shows an icon in the form of a letter if you have not received a message. Also included in the program is the subject matter, the sender and the first line. This is all available to you without having to open a web browser.

Following is the overview of how Toify can be used:.

Every two minutes the program will check for new messages in the mailbox.

An opportunity to view the first line of 30 messages.

When an unread message is selected, you will hear its sound.

Defaulting to Google Gmail as the email client if you wish.

The notion of installing the app to Windows or OS as a whole is a bad one. It would be better to install it as an extension of internet browsers for users. Using an app to send emails would make me uncomfortable.
great news for a person that tends to surf the internet a lot. They'll need to remain connected through gmail account while on the internet much. You definitely definitely have the right words to say, I do know no one I can give it to off hand, but I am sure that soon, I will come across a Google one person, gmail is so widely used that I am sure I will share it there as well. Great idea!
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