Glary Utilities

by Glarysoft Ltd

Scan, clean, and optimize your PC for better performance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Glarysoft Ltd

Release: Glary Utilities 5.113

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Glary Utilities is a system optimizer that ties up loose ends, bugs, and removes junk files in your PC. Glary Utilities is different and better than other system optimizer's as it is an all-in-one tool. Its ease of deployment, a powerful toolkit component, and comprehensive resources- all included as one tool- set up Glary Utilities to be better than the rest.stop-shop.


  • All-in-one software program with over 20 tools
  • Tune-Up Utility clears up unnecessary files
  • Uninstall Manager provides more memory to the tasks that are important to you
  • 1-Click maintenance feature
  • Anti-malware utility
  • Ability to back-up your hard drive when needed
  • Ability to restore deleted files

One of Glary Utilities most useful tools is the Tune-Up Utility. The Tune-When you browse the web, play games, or download movies, Up Utility clears away any excess files that have built up over time. The Tune-These useless files are removed with Up Utility, which optimizes and speeds your PC. The Glary Utilities Uninstall Manager is another valuable system featured in the utility. Using Uninstall Manager you can remove programs from your computer that have been saved there and are no longer in use, giving your PC more memory and performance to use for everyday tasks. An overview of Glary Utilities includes the following tools: disk space cleanup, program file repair, hard disk defragment, and anti-file corruption.To increase a PC's performance and remove malware, a number of different software applications can be used.

is the largest free all-around utility to improve and optimize the performance of your PC

Glarysoft Glary Utilities is available as freeware that provides over 20 different tools to better the performance of your PC. There is also Glary Utilities PRO, available as a paid software program offering more tools like scheduled 1-on-1 sessions.Your PC will be more reliable with Glary Utilities, if you're on a slow, plagued computer with viruses, and need you to check the web.An integrated PC optimization application to optimize your PC.

-Free and Pro versions are available.

-Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 versions available.In addition to SP-1, we can also use XP, Vista and 10.

Elle Jay
I would definitely recommend this tool. PC optimizers come in a variety of forms, so you do not have to buy or download dozens of programs in order to do your optimization. The Tune-When you use up utility you rid your computer of unnecessary files.
Packages of this kind don't seem to be that bad. Some antivirus software is included with the program, along with other essential programs. Software designed for basic usage could come across as flaky or full of viruses. It is likely that most people have heard of software but don't fully understand why or what it does. I would benefit from seeing how much software is in the package.
Oscar Conrad
You can get all-in services provided by The Glary like spyware scanning, unwanted startup items, and scanning for temporary files provide one service for PCs. CCleaner Glary, which allows you to perform simple cleanings of your PC as well as detect malware and spyware, should you select Glary Utilities since it is recommended to free your PC from unwanted software and allow faster operation.
In this registry cleaner, you can fix registry errors and free up space in the system by cleaning and fixing registry errors. In addition, it scans and cleans your PC, removing a considerable amount of useless data. Additionally, there are many features to make things easier, such as one-click maintenance. Users of this application can clear their computers of excess junk that could impair efficiency and therefore have a better user experience.
There's nothing better than Glary Utilities, a great Windows program. There is no charge to use this system. Cleaning and repairing the devices on your Windows phone will be easy with it. Thanks to this program, my phone has no need to run any updates manually because it is completely automated, which saves me from viruses I may encounter later. I am way too busy to manually update the software. The program is trustworthy for me. I will refer the software to everyone who I know as well as you. In my opinion, it is totally free; there is no catch. Whenever I use this product, I am pleased.
All Glary Utilities for Windows apps work's a piece of software you'll love because it helps locate and repair errors, crashes, and freezes on your system. It features easy-to-A simple one-page interface uses automated options, and automated options are available.Using over 20 tools in one package will allow your PC to boost performance and protect it at the same time. This can involve things like defragmenters, registry maintenance, Windows file repair, file encryption, and driver restoration.
It is not possible to use the latest version with Google Chrome.
Whenever I overload my computer with work, Glary Utilities can literally keep my PC running smoothly and efficiently by optimizing the performance of my system. I highly recommend Glary Utilities as a trusted back-up tool when I need to do a great deal of work. I have no difficulty utilizing its features. It allows me to manage my files, restore my computer systems, and restore my files to the original location. As a result, I am able to keep going at full speed with the computer's memory and to clean out the system's file.
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