Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner

by GiliSoft International LLC.

A great piece of software for cleaning the junk off your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GiliSoft International LLC.

Release: Gilisoft Free Disk Cleaner 2017

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You should install this program if your computer or laptop is having trouble loading full webpages, or restarting periodically. Whenever I plugged in my laptop, it never worked properly. As I found out, there were tons of background processes running in my system that I didn't know were there. You may not be able to use technology if you aren't.It's just as sophisticated as I am as it makes it easy to identify programs on your device and have them fixed as soon as possible. It helps you pinpoint the exact processes your computer is running, so you can see the issues almost right away. Your laptop will remain in excellent shape if the unnecessary ones are stopped. It would be impossible to accomplish anything with this program on my computer if I didn't have it. The page gets unresponsive, takes an eternity to restart, and my browser crashes if I'm streaming.

I'll be able to stream multiple videos simultaneously while playing music using this software after clearing up my disk space. A few months ago, my computer overheated. These days, it still doesn't. The fact that it overheated so rapidly was a mystery to me. The problem is I can't run this much software with no glitches. My ISP did not upgrade me any longer, so I now access the web via a whole new level of speed without needing to upgrade my connection. The entire amount of temporary files loaded onto my laptop surprised me. There were many old programs on my computer that I never used in the past. My issues were identified and they were resolved on their own with it. With calm and pleasure, I sat back and watched the program go by. it's magic!

Free - that's what makes it great. What a bargain! When I was recommended a FREE program called "SpeedUp Your Laptop" by a guy named Fred, I almost paid $400 to try it out at the Microsoft store. Even a frail old woman such as myself could not believe how easy it was to download the program from the internet, and the entire process was done for me with such ease. Normally I wouldn't publish a review for a product, but this one stood out. If you're not having any issues, consider testing the performance of your laptop and see how fast you can make it. My computer runs faster on battery alone than it did as a new system.

Enough is enough! Enjoys putting all your extra furniture back to sleep.

  • Gets rid of files that are no longer being used
  • Detects malicious processes and put an end to them
  • Presents detailed information about the processes and speed of your computer
  • Allows maximum work efficiency
  • Great gift for a college student
There are no unsafe files in there. You can design custom expectation lists with Gailsoft disk cleaner. There is no other instrument with this level of disk analyzer. By reducing the volumes on your hard drive, you will lose no files. Additionally, it increases the performance of the computer. There is a possibility that system may slow down as a result of cleaning lot junk files.
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