Create your own GIFs with our FREE GIF creation software. With our editing tools, it allows anyone to create any type of animation.

Operating system: Windows

Release: GifCam 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GifCam is GIF creation software packed with loads of editing tools to create your own GIFs from scratch. Software that is free, easy to use, and free to download is available from our website.


  • GifCam uses greenscreen technology to delete excess frame data and reduce the size of individual files. To be able to share with all makes it easier for everyone to participate.
  • By adding frame holds and reducing document file size, Gif Cam can eliminate duplicate frames and minimize file size.
  • GifCam allows users to control every element of the GIF including the ability to manage individual frames to taste.
  • GifCam gives you the ability to save in a multitude of formats allowing for different file sizes.
  • In some cases, Gifcam also allows users to take live pictures and draw with animation software, like WindowsPaint or notepad, allowing users to record video and other information as well.
  • A feature of Gif Cam is its text function that allows users to add text to frames (or the entire file) with the ability to customize with parameters such as size, effects, and location.
  • A Gifcam user can adjust up to 3 frames per second (fps) for smooth GIF photos.
  • Users of Gifcam are free to control frame rates and edit the video at will.
  • Compared to standard screen capture, you can capture in full screen at Gicam.
  • Thanks to a percentage of resizing ability, GifCam preserves the quality of the image even when users move their head about the screen.
  • Users can reverse the frames with GifCAM.yo effect!
  • GifCam allows users to draw on frames, or even the whole GIF, in a similar manner to Snapchat.
  • There are a variety of formats for exporting Gifcam files.
  • In Gif Cam, users can manipulate the color pallets in their frames with a snap grid that helps you create the entire image.
  • The Gif Cam program allows users to crop photos.

There is ultimately no substitute for Gif Cam when it comes to online GIFs, as it provides users with an easy way to easily fulfill any creative requirement in addition to designing their own GIFs that are sure to catch people's eye.

In addition to creating beautiful graphics, you can customize the taste.
It is no longer just in the marketing realm that creative communications come together. Having an easy-to-use option for GIFs that are based on your favorite characters is so much fun. All components of GIF creations are controlled by users through Greenscreen, plus it has green options. You can have almost unlimited creative options with this software. In addition to the ability to enlarge images, shrink images, and cropping out the required amount, users have the option to delete previously selected images. With so much different file size sizes, you can keep all the GIFs you've created at your disposal. You can now create Gif Cam, a new concept for using social media.
You can significantly increase the size and ability to share live photos with GIFCAM thanks to its ability to edit photos of a crowd. Several parameters can be edited, added to or cleared, as well as fine-tuning every aspect, while others are optional.
Aaron Jacoby
We are pleased to offer the GIF Creator free and very unique feature which lets you convert videos into an infinite number of graphics. This software, originally intended for use as a camera, can be used for the purpose of taking photos and videos. Other GIF editing options are not included with these GIF software. The GIFs on which you wish to incorporate your touch can be modified even further.
A GifCop application, which can only be installed on Windows. GIFs are created on screen recordings with this animation application. A little over one minute long, these tapes are very small, thus being easy to share. This is a very small program, with a 700KB size. Although it is free to download, it only comes with the Windows operating system installed.
ABRviewer logo
Accessing photoshop brushes via a simple tool is easy.
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Image editing on the page may require the use of custom software.
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Rather than editing/processing pictures individually, make them more work together in large groups.
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App that lets you create calendar, collage, greeting cards and more using your photos. It also lets you upload photos.
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Use this video editing tool at home to edit your videos.