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markdown framework): Ghost Writer is an application allowing markdown is implemented: This tool was created by John Gruber and allows web writers to write original posts in novel formats and later migrate them to HTML and other complex formats. Writing editors and journalists needed an intuitive platform for quickly accessing all aspects of blog. Creating new chapters is hard, that's why Ghost Writer was designed so that starting new writers off gets started in a good way. Ghost Writer's designs combine minimalism with elegant simplicity so that you get the spark of your dream without having to pay anything.

This writing tool helps you to keep a diary on its free usage. write now, format later

  • Built-in aesthetic themes
  • Support for HTML preview
  • Export to HTML and other formats
  • Customize your themes
  • Drag and Drop images
  • Completely free and open source!
There is a lot of stuff in GhostWriter (among other things).lines large documents. Alternatively, you can export the file to other formats just by writing it up. You can view the document in sections with an outline in front of you. The focus of text can also be changed or corrected by highlighting or deselecting that option in the menu bar. Lastly, the interface has a clean and easy to navigate design.
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