by Headlight Software

GetRight is a file download manager for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Headlight Software

Release: GetRight 6.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GetRight is the ultimate download management software on the planet. Downloading a file from the Internet may be a requirement for every computer user. Whether it's something as simple as an image or as complex as a movie, GetRight makes the process easier. I like to watch television shows, but when new episodes air I have time for other things. A day's a long time, so I watch them whenever they are convenient for me. Although I use many different sources to download those episodes, they may take a while. Those are a number of factors that Make GetRight so convenient when it comes to getting things done.


  • Download Large Files Faster
  • Website Scan
  • Resume Partially Downloaded Files
  • Automatically Open Files Downloaded
  • Custom Download Settings

The most apparent bonus is GetRight's ability to take a massive file and download it faster than it would normally take you. A file that would take you an hour to download might only take you 30 minutes or less to download. You can imagine GetRight's genius for doing this. Each time we break it up as a file, the entire file will be combined, downloaded simultaneously, and finally put back together as soon as it is downloaded completely. By doing so, gamers can play games from Steams or other vendors who have been downloaded to Steam. You can reduce the amount of time taken by just one hour or so.

Make your internet traffic more efficient and you'll save money.

Another problem that clients face with large files is that they can't finish them because they can't handle the load. In some cases, the time constraint is the problem, or a loss connection is the problem as well. It should not be an issue again if you use GetRight. Using GetRight will allow you to resume downloading where the last download ended. It's still possible to download with GetRight even during a power outage, which will save you some time. If you lost your file after an download, you can easily retrieve it with GetRight. program automatically analyzes the downloaded files and has its own download history; if that information can't be found, use your last downloaded file.
Among the bells and whistles you can try out at GetRight, which includes the scanning and downloading of entire websites, is its scanning capabilities. The feature has never been useful for me, but I would think it would be helpful for folks who create their own content. There's no better program than Get Right for all of us.

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 & 95
GetRight 5.2D (3.18 MB)
GetRight 6.0C (4.55 MB)
GetRight 6.0B (4.59 MB)
GetRight 6.3E (4.79 MB)
GetRight 6.3D (4.73 MB)
GetRight 6.3C (4.69 MB)
GetRight 6.5 (4.85 MB)
The GetRight app is an easy to track of downloads by using a software tool. At GetRight, your download is optimized and completed more quickly through multiple servers. Additionally, it is safe to use. Your download will be resumed without any further data loss as long as you haven't been interrupted. No matter what browser you use or operating system you use, GetRight is compatible. Please rest assured that this product does not come with spyware.
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