by Geany Developer Team

A lightweight cross-An interactive platform text editor for programmers.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Geany Developer Team

Release: Geany 1.23.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Geany is a great Interactive Development Environment for programmers that want the same setup across multiple languages and operating systems. Whether you're writing robust JAVA programs or need to Encrypt and Decrypt PGP messages on the fly, Geany has you covered. Also, Geany's lightweight and low-maintenance make it ideal for building projects.It does not matter which major operating system you have, you are able to install it in exactly the way you want it to work.

It has been over 13 years since Geany acquired its own APIs and is now a dynamic developer community that uses and develops its codebase daily. By doing so, Geany has been able to produce one of the most successful plugins out there. Plugins, as well as a separate server for uploading, are available as well. Or if there is anything that you find missing that you don't feel confident enough to code yourself there is also a Plugin wishlist.


Thanks to Geany's extensive plugin library, it is a complete tool set.purpose IDE
  • Extensive plugin system and filetype support maintain Geany's status as the Jack of all trades IDE.
  • With Geany you are not only able to modify every single part, but it is an open-source approach which makes it hacker-friendly.
  • You can quickly prototypes and debug Geany code by highlighting the syntax and utilizing AutoComplete and Call Tips.
  • IDE Natives allow you to run your code inside the IDE on the fly so it can be built and tested.

The final verdict is that Geany would be ideal for people whose development priorities can range from building a webpage to learning a new language. Geany is a committed user of FOSS so, in case of any problems, a simple and quick reply would be necessary if you have a problem. Information may be obtained from their official IRC channel, GIT, or from one of their many mailing lists.

You can donate to Geany if you want to make it free and open source software that does not cost anything to run.

When installing the Geany installer, it requires a runtime environment based on GNOME.

Geany 0.19.1 (7.57 MB)
Geany 0.20 (2.04 MB)
Geany 0.21 (7.69 MB)
Geany 1.23 (8.07 MB)
Geany 1.23.1 (8.07 MB)
Geany 1.24 (8.32 MB)
You can program a wide variety of platforms using Geany's functions, and as a programmer it's one of the most widely used text editing programs on the market. A software which limits my usage and can be charged a fee was so frustrating that I chose geany instead, which is free, easy to use, and perfect for what I need.
dresha davis
A lot of people would consider Genesis a good software programmer; even though its use is limited primarily to multiple languages and operating systems for specific needs, some people find Genesis a helpful tool. Furthermore, geany seems to be extremely secure and doesn't pose any risk for your devices, it is also highly affordable, as they monitor everything on your device.
By using Sisulizer Geany, you are taking advantage of its ease of implementation and well thought out features. The end-user experience is something they place a lot of emphasis on, which is great. Thanks. Getting by on a multi platform works well for me, really. Having said all this, I would definitely recommend you. Make sure that you let go of what you have been taught and become yourself.
With its array of features, Geny for Windows makes it easy for customers to get new apps. With Python and Selenium GUI tools and basic IDE support for text editing.
Max Vergara
In addition to providing tons of useful features, Geany offers an incredibly fast, highly stable, and lightweight language in an easy-to-use package.
An everyday user of Geany will find it very work every day as a job. syntax errors, it accepts hundreds of different file types, like C, Java, Python, and makes it easy to navigate their contents. Moreover, since it can be practiced while sitting on a level-There are several IDEs I've tried which charge a fee to use. That's not the case here. Furthermore, the software does not require any complicated set up or running, as well as allowing for easy user setup.
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