by e-conomic

An easy file sharing program that allows fast sharing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: e-conomic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ge.The file sharing application lets you perform multiple functions using one PC instead of installing others. Alternatives to thumb drives or hard drives can be made more quickly and easily. This service also does not require an account. This makes it even easier to use, enabling anyone and anyone who knows how to use a browser to take advantage of this program. File sharing programs and websites of the past were always plagued by download and upload limits, slow speeds, annoying space limits, and much more, but with you are able to do what you want when you want. A great feature is that it allows you to upload people to the cloud instantly and have the entire download simultaneously without any limits. As a file-sharing program this can give you little more than most, and in a better location, it provides more security.

A lot of other software in this field also requires you to use things like plugins, extra tools, and more but with, everything is included in the base package. The benefit of this is that you can perform all your activities immediately after you download the program since you don't have to spend the time searching around for a plugin for the same thing. There's a good chance that you already have one of those features already in the base package. In this case, software becomes less extensible without having the ability to make use of plugins or other plugin APIs. As a result, ease of use is impacted, but at a cost. Throughout the weeks, this has been my go-to.As I had used it for awhile, I hope others do as well.


Fast sharing, web app
  • Quick usage
  • Fast web-app for use in browser and on the desktop
  • Easy setup
  • No account needed
A program that allows a person to publish and share content through a platform like Ge would be an excellent In addition to documents, photos, audio files, and even videos, this program works automatically and can easily be run everywhere there is internet access. Plug-in options are not available, which is the best part.Those things you don't already have.