GameSave Manager

by InsaneMatt

Easily backup, restore and transfer your game saves between multiples computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: InsaneMatt

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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GameSave Manager is free software that easily backs up, restores, and transfers game saves (files that save your progress) to other computers. The software makes multiple copies for you and optimizes the save for you based on the save in each game. Management of game saves is done automatically, without the need to search for multiple directories or files. By transferring a saved game save to a different location, an icon is created to represent that it remains available for you to continue playing the game.


  • monitors and saves selected files upon a change
  • automatic backup validation
  • easy to use graphical user interface
  • supports FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other services
  • supports multiple platforms like Steam and uPlay
  • customization of folders where saved files are kept
  • activity history

GameSave Manager has an official database with a vast list of games directories pathways that allows the backup of their game saves without any further configuration. There are frequently new entries added to the database, and you can manually identify the proper file path by selecting 'View' from the search box.

The online community forums provide support and an extensive range of information. For any problems that may arise, this forum is the best place to contact. Please submit new entries as soon as possible. Further information about each new entry is provided in the changelogs for regular database updates.

When you want to document and formatting your system, GameSave Manager may be the only tool you want to take advantage of. Score at least one copy of a game between multiples gaming machines, save your game saves so that your family and friends can watch it, or check all progress on your games to ensure they do not suffer any data loss.

Try GameSave Manager if you have never used it before. Using PayPal could be a good option if you are really happy with the software.

Using a single directory can manage game saves automatically, rather than manually looking through multiple directories.
  • Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
  • Other System Requirements: none
Save time with GameSave now!! There is no more time wasted and it is better not to search a lot. It's easy to find your game history on this page. The best part about GameSave is that it works so well with my favorite platform, Google Drive. Additionally, you can customize items and folders using GameSave. Did I mention... You can download GameSave Manager for free. Enjoy this easy-to-access download; its a pleasure to download so why not??
In general, I like the fact that GameSave Manager saves all the games in my memory automatically. User interfaces are great, and I particularly enjoyed that there is a drop box compatibility feature. Download was easy. Simple to install and very easy. Great !
If you've had problems saving your save(es) as corrupted in the past and using GameSave Manager, you will be able to recover them quickly without having to manually reinstall your save again. Would saves for my online saves not to corrupt at times, but using GameSave Manager,
Andrew Doty
This software means I am going to lose me, right?? I stream everything on my channel, so when my computer crashes, I know it is!! Business model with this program - I depend it for life. In addition, when I get a new computer I will be able to keep up with the changes. My games are always in my possession. do not need to start from scratch. What a godsend!
Dedicated solely to helping PC gamers manage their hard drive saves. Microsoft allows you to back up, restore, and transfer all your saved files to different Windows applications. Your progress will be shared with my friends and family on social media. Those with little money and with a paranoid tendency to lose their digital game data should this app; it gives people a simple method of gaining comfort over losing their data.
Your game saves can easily be backed up, restored, and transferred via the game save manager. The missing files can be repaired or restored by us. As well as gaming games through an online save manager, amateurs and professionals alike should consider it.
In any case, I'm uncertain about this software's performance. A first impression that the website is disorganized or unprofessional can be seen. This is an important factor that I believe will be reflected in the software. In my opinion, it won't do any good for my game savings. I'll instead search elsewhere.
GameSave Manager is something I recommend to those who love gaming. After any kind of computer freezes and/or locks as soon as yours has gotten too advanced, or even if you have unlocked a new capability (and it has yet to take effect), none of your saved data can be saved. These days are over with Gamesave, for sure. With any progress saved, you won't be able to repeat the same thing over and over again since there will be no possibility of ice breaking your computer. So once you run a few hundred games, you won't need to download a separate app for every one you run on GameSave.
With GameSave Manager for Windows, my PC saves for the games that I play. A disk manager was an easy way for me to back up my saves with little space on my computer. By doing so, I am also giving other people an update on my progress. I love the fact that it is done automatically, and I don't need to worry about backing it up whenever I want.
In this case, it is convenient for anyone who desires to play games without worrying about not having their progress saved. In fact, it lets you move games automatically to another machine for playing with your friends. It makes sure you have multiple destinations where your games can be stored. Additionally, you will not be responsible for any loss or damage your files might suffer.
Gamer's Guide for a more recent system upgrade should be accessed at the top of your computer with GameSav Manager. By doing so, your game saves are protected from overwrites or corruption, so no one can mess with them. As well as restoring and transferring these saved files from one device to another, you will eliminate the hassle of transferring files on several ad quick. The convenience of GameSav will make it easier for you to locate your saved game saves, so you don't have to worry about losing data.
But with less effort and quicker recovery, there is really no point in continually trying to find oxygen. As for the ultimate chill session in No Man's Sky, create a Creative save and don't worry about oxygen or dying. A person can utilize any amount of resources. It's the ultimate base builder's paradise. I use a Creative save mostly to R&D base builds or practice glitch building, but occasionally I'll load it up just because I want to mess around without worrying about screwing up my regular saves.
There are a number of programs that offer game saves on Windows, but GameSave Manager actually manages them, backs them up and restores them. Those who are using GameSave Manager don't have to fear their operating system's permissions being corrupted or their storage and backup being formated. You can save and retrieve your savegames quickly and effectively with GaveSave Manager, and it's a great way to share your savegames with your significant others as well.
It is GameSave Manager for Windows that should be used if your game needs to be restored. The software allows game saves to be restored to your computer even if the drive you have them on has changed. You can easily and quickly share your favorite games using this tool. If you have loved taking pictures for years but don't know how, this is the right tool for you.
This Game Saver Manager for Windows is too numerous stocks in your current version to be suitable for the computer, so many mp3 cutters and a clean graphics theme that provides excellent results.
Choosing which game, as well as setting up save manager can help you get to the game you want more quickly. In any case, it is not hard and has a lot of benefits.
For gamers with plenty of ready-to-use devices, this tool is ideal. This is the perfect program to save gamesave files. Using it makes me feel extremely comfortable knowing my files have been backed up and that they are automatically moved back to a hard drive. There are plenty of features that would be out of the ordinary, but once you use them, they will all be fine.
By doing this, you can quickly and easily store up a big data base for any game. This can be used for most PC games as it is intended for Windows. The app itself is very clever as well and whoever developed it is a great developer. It is also useful to have games stored in different directories, which has a great overall effect.
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