Games For Windows Live

by Microsoft

Allows you to play games on Windows Live

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Games For Windows Live - As of today, Microsoft's online gaming service is closed, and once allowed you to play with a partner online on PC or console. Cross-platform applications are not necessarily dependent on particular input devices being used.Several platforms were supported, including Android and iOS. Despite these positive reviews, the service received many complaints because the interface of this service had an unin organized feel, as well as problems connecting through the game's network connection. There used to be even petitions urging the removal of GFWL from individual games (those which had very high performance problems).

Because of its unpopularity, 2014 Games For Windows Live was closed. In any case, none of the projects with GFWL support is still available. The company, however, allocated several servers for previously purchased games to be activated. that as long as a PC game can be downloaded and installed with Games For Windows Live, this ability is available. However, the cooperative and networking capabilities will not be available.

Controversial services such as this are usually criticized heavily. Although there weren't many highlights, there were some positive ones. In addition to the mentioned cross-overs, there is a common cause.It also had automatic device updates and provided users with a single account for each device. Platforms multiplayer had these features.Despite being built for achievements - and having its own digital content library as well. On Demand games (closed).

- Cross-Platform multiplayer between Windows Live client and Microsoft Xbox 360.

- The license for your games must be upgraded or activated; ;

- A separate account for each device; erged for all devices;

- In addition to having its own store for games and DLCs, this company hosts an Amazon Prime store.

- Describe how and what their achievement system is.

- The network connection is unstable; an unacceptable problem to have.

- The interface is poorly organized.

Games For Windows Live might not have caused many people to miss the program due to its unpopularity. Compared to this old service, the Xbox version of the Games store offers much greater services. It is possible that Microsoft will come up with something better in the near future.
Critics have criticized Windows Live in its role as a platform for games. Yet it also had updates and features built into its system, which it would have been unable to do with just any other server.
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