Game Prelauncher

by Alex Shys

A app to help load games faster for better media

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alex Shys

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Game Prelauncher is one of the most "radical" and, accordingly, effective programs to accelerate the performance of PC games. The frame rate of our application can be increased by switching off all technical systems, including those dealing with practical processes.

Following are the steps: tt as follows: The built-in setup wizard provides instructions about identifying and choosing the game a user will be playing. The game is specified by its executive file, so if you choose one, you can select it directly.g. Skype). This step can be skipped if you do not need any of the applications installed on your computer. Now you have to reboot the PC, and the full load of the operating system will not happen because Game Prelauncher "kills" almost all the necessary services for its functioning, including the Explorer and Desktop processes. Rebooting the game will take place immediately after.

Computers that are less powerful perform better when the program is running. of course you will be unable to get the latest games on the old "hardware", but you could boost the frame rate - Despite it being an old CPU, there are a few additional FPS added. Game Prelauncher doesn't automatically disable network services if the game you want to play requires a connection. Therefore, you shouldn't disable these when the wizard stage is in effect. After the game concludes, you will need to restart your computer to restore Windows functionality. The program has run its course for now.

- By doing this, you completely disable all functionality and services not needed by the game;

- a lot of system resources to be saved;

- It starts after the PC has been booted up; ;

- allows you to assign locations of the necessary programs during the game so that neither program will harm the processes it belongs to; ;

- As a convenient step, it offers you a convenient option-by-step setup wizard.

With Game Prelauncher, PC gaming has never been more accessible. Launch of the software almost instantly begins the launch of the game. The only thing that needs to be said about this software is that it specifies your hardware and the apps that need to play your game, and you should be on your way to gaming. The start-up and wait times required on PC's are entirely different from those on consoles.
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