Game Jackal Pro

by SlySoft Europe Ltd

There is a CD/DVD player that lets you play games without having to insert it.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SlySoft Europe Ltd

Release: Game Jackal Pro

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The scratch I got on my CD led to me getting really upset that my games were no longer compatible. When I started thinking about my original games, one of those caused me to rage. was really frustrating for me as no matter what I did, the CDs would invariably scratch over time. One of my favorite games got scratched and wouldn't work anymore, so I decided to take action, that's when I found Game Jackal Pro.

Initially, I didn't play any games with the software; however, I decided to install it on my computer. It took me a week to get it hooked up, and once I found it I quickly changed my gaming habits as I find it annoying that I need to insert the CD each time I play a game; this software lets me do so without even having to put it in. Since I started using this tool, there is no more orless "Unable to read" error messages appearing on my system.

Your favorite games can begin being played right away using this software, as the interface is fairly simple to use. This tool can be used without installing virtual drives, so basically, all you have to do is run the software and then select the virtual drive.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to have the guardian control function. Eight is the number in my system.year-I have an old son that enjoys playing games as well, but not all of them are his kind.appropriate. My son can be limited in what he can play on his account by using guardian control. By using this feature, you are enabling password protection to allow you to use your account to set your child's games in another account, as well as have access to an account history showing your child's games logged in. With this software, I can control what my child does, because I prefer to be involved in activities for a longer time rather than watching him or her play.

I give Game Jackal Pro a rating of 5 stars, it's a must for every gamer that is looking to save money and make the lifespan of games longer, and as a plus, you can also use it as a parental control tool.


  • Prolongs the life of your CDs
  • Keeps your investment safe
  • Easy to use
  • Guardian control
  • Blacklisting support
As a result, I no longer need to download and install my games to the CD or DVD. To save the video game on my computer using Game Jackal Pro for Windows, I simply need to create an image. There isn't a need to keep track of any DVDs anymore. This game can still be enjoyed even if I lost it. You can get this program for free and it is fast. Just so cool.
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